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  1. Django is parting one out over on ADV. He might have one.
  2. Well, I did the old "pull away from rear sprocket" check and it hardly pulls away at all. No binding/kinks either. Just hoping to get a couple more months out of it until I have a little extra dough. It was a PBI sprocket from Jesse. So I figure it is (was) a good one. Too much wrist I guess.
  3. As title says, my front 14 tooth sprocket is getting hooked. The rear sprocket is still looking fine and the chain is in pretty good shape. Both rear sprocket and the chain are stock with about 15K on them. What are your opinions about just replacing the front sprocket again for now? I would rather hold off on replacing the both front/rear sprockets and the chain right now because I need a set of tires too. I realize I'll be prematurely wearing a new front sprocket, but they are only $15. And I figure I'll just replace it again when the chain finally goes. So, bad idea or fine? Did I mention how expensive tires are getting?
  4. Yeah, I hit it with some heat and oil first, but it stripped out anyways. Got a new one on order, just want got to deal with the stripped one. I want to replace it to be able to open it up easily when doing the valves. The gasket swap itself was a piece of cake. Removing the OEM gasket . Man, that took about 1.5 hours and 5 new single blade razors. What a PITA. EDIT: Looks like Yahoo has my answer on the stripped magneto cover
  5. From Jesse himself Replacing Cam Chain Tensioner Gasket - First, set the engine at TDC compression stroke. This takes the valve spring tension off of the cam chain. - Remove the small bolt from the rear of the cam chain tensioner and insert a small screwdriver into the hole and engage the screw inside. Start turning the screw. A spring tension will be felt but keep turning it until it stops, but give it some pressure and then let the pressure off slightly. The tensioner should stay there. If it should pop out, it will stop when it reaches its limit. Just wind it back again and exert more pressure. When it stops, it should stay retracted. - Remove the bolts (2) and extract the tensioner. The plunger should be fully retracted. If handled carefully, it should stay retracted. - Clean the old gasket off and put a new one on dry with no sealant. - Slip the tensioner back in, making sure the plunger is fully retracted, and tighten the bolts 6 to 7 ft lbs torque. - Insert the small screw driver into the hole and turn it the opposite direction. You will feel the plunger take off inside and put tension on the cam chain follower. Make sure this happens. If the tensioner goes in the fully out position it will put too much pressure on the cam chain follower. On a related note I totally bagged the shaft plug hex (#18) below trying to open it to set to TDC. Anyone no how to get that out now that it is stripped? Damn thing is made of cheese.
  6. Anyone seen/experienced any oil leak around the cam drive chain tensioner? I have just noticed some oil residue on the tensioner itself and the fins around it. Weird, nothing very active looking, but suspicious... cross-posted at ADV,
  7. bitterjoe2003

    cutting out

    Yeah, I'll pick up the Uni next. Needed something for now to tide me over. Couldn't wait for a week shipping from CA to NH. We'll see if this evens it out some.
  8. bitterjoe2003

    cutting out

    I'll be picking up an OEM filter later today. So, do I just drip a little air filter oil in there or what?
  9. I get my IRC heavy tubes from Kevin's Cycle. They ship same day, but it might take a while to get to CA.
  10. bitterjoe2003

    cutting out

    Rob, this is the little filter attached to the pipe routed up by airbox, right? Can you just clean this filter? I am experiencing some surging lately and haven't really done anything to the bike.
  11. Bump. Just curious anyone found any adjustable preload caps?
  12. After you have read through the DR forum here you can check out "the DR650 thread" over on ADV. And there is also the Yahoo DR650 group too. You will be overwhelmed by the amount of DR info there is.
  13. I guess to clarify, I thought at one time IMS offered a mount that replaced the rubber-mount peg brackets that bolt to the frame itself.
  14. Did you get the rigid mounts for them?
  15. So then it would be like .5" of PVC on top of the OEM metal spacer. I think I understand now.
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