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  1. Hit_the_set

    VDR Hare Scramble round 5: Re scheduled to 1-20

    If you report the thread and ask nicely i'm sure a mod would change it for you. That's what i did for this thread.
  2. Hit_the_set

    Anyone interested in ice racing?

    This is a really fun race to do. I raced the 3rd wheel bare tire class for a few years. I would suggest anybody who is interested in going to go. It's a ton of fun.
  3. Hit_the_set

    "ArvadaGeorge" George Gangler passes away

    So sad to hear this. The community defiantly lost a good one.
  4. Hit_the_set

    Need help, considering moving to CO

    You really can't go wrong in the front range of CO. Getting enough land that is not close enough to people to have a track can be very tricky. There would be nothing worse than to buy property and build a track only to have neighbors complain and get it shut down. There are tracks spread out all threw out the front range. Really at any point in the front range you are within 30-45 min of a motocross track.
  5. The endurocross is this weekend. I don't know why but the advertising for this event every year sucks. I don't really follow the series week to week but love to go when it comes to town. I wish the advertising would be better. I missed this event the last two years. Either way i wanted to post on here so people like me that didn't know it was happening this weekend would know. http://www.endurocross.com/
  6. Hit_the_set

    Stepping down at moderator

    Thanks guys. All is well just no time to be on here as much.
  7. Hit_the_set

    Stepping down at moderator

    I just wanted to let you guys know that i'm stepping down as moderator. I just don't have the time to check into the site to make sure things are running smoothly. I'll still be on TT form time to time but no more fancy title under my name. With the new site if you have any issues just click the report button and another moderator will take care of it. Thanks, Bill
  8. Hit_the_set

    The Nationals at Thunder Valley

    After meeting both their boys i would expect nothing less than their parents to be really great people.
  9. I love that place. I watched parts of the video it looked like a fun time. As soon as the lake trout stop biting i'll be up there riding.
  10. Hit_the_set

    Central City Trail System Video

    I live in frederick. I ride most of the local tracks and ride a lot in the granby area.
  11. Hit_the_set

    Central City Trail System Video

    Sweet video. looks like a great day of riding.
  12. Hit_the_set

    Rampart Single Track

    Sorry this topic is closed. Once again we are closing a topic on Rampart because members can't get along. Certain people can't figure out how to get along. Please if you are that person think about what you are posting before you post it. What is said on here is here for all to see. This topic is closed it went way off track and just became a useless back and fourth. Any rampart threads will get my special attention from here on out. Consider this everyone's warning if i have to close a Rampart thread because we can't get along all offending parties will get infractions for off topic posts. If it happens again we'll put on a 1 week ban. I don't like giving out infractions or bans and typically just talk it out with offending parties but this is enough.
  13. Hit_the_set

    Great News and Time to Party!

    I'm pretty excited to have a shop this near to my house. It'll be nice to be able to get parts so close to home.
  14. http://www.skyhidailynews.com/article/20120430/NEWS/120429963/1079&ParentProfile=1067 Bummer but it has to be done. Maps and another article can be found here. http://headwaterstrails.org/trail-updates/
  15. Hit_the_set

    Seattle Supercross 2012

    My son is very goofy / funny from time to time and he started doing what he called the "Crab pose" in a lot of our pictures when we got to Seattle on Thursday and all day Friday. Then he got the idea to ask the riders to do the Crab pose with him. It was so much fun. He even asked some of the monster girls to do the Crab pose. He really enjoyed him self and i loved seeing him have so much fun. All the riders were very nice and happy to sign autographs. Some were more preoccupied than others but all were very nice. Roczen, Travis Baker, Wil Han, Nico Izzi and Eli Tomac were really nice guys and took the time to talk to Connor and Me.