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  1. Glenn Corbin

    Fork skins

    Shock Sox makes the velcro type the link is www.Shocksox.com .
  2. Glenn Corbin

    Synthetic Oil And Shifting

    Adjusting the shift lever up will help especially if you are wearing motorcycle boots. It is possiable the shifter is to high but that is not usually the case. You made need to order one of the longer shifters if you have a very Big Foot.
  3. Glenn Corbin

    tire not beaded all the way around

    I have had this problem after mounting new tires, and I too was concerned, but after a short ride the bead seated it self just fine.
  4. Glenn Corbin

    Tonns Racing... anyone have problems lately?

    After a month of waiting, he finally refunded my money on a skid plate, and asked me to wait for a month until he has finnished moving and repaired his welder. I waited a month and sent him an e-mail and he did not responsed. I have quit waiting and ordered the White Brothers skid plate from TT.
  5. Glenn Corbin

    OK, lurkers...you could at least say hello!

    Hello, I have been lurking here for sometime. I have not found a question that has not been addressed in this vast space of knowledge. Great site!