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  1. German Trick

    1999 XR600R Engine Won't Turn Over

    I really didn't want to think that but I pulled the head and there are two small marks where the intake valves kissed the piston. This kid doesn't have a lot of money so I'm hoping the valves aren't bent and I can get away with a new chain and guides. Time to fill the intake port with solvent and see what happens. Thanks for the help!
  2. Here's one for the collective XR gurus. I'm working on a friend's 1999 Honda XR600R, (for free of course because I'm stupid,) with an issue that's not apparent. The engine will rotate with the kickstart but locks up before it reaches a full rotation. If I turn the engine backward (in gear), it will rotate but locks in the opposite direction. If I remove the cylinder head cover the engine will rotate freely. If I put the cover back on it will lock up as before. I can’t see any marks or signs of damage anywhere up top. I pressed the cam sprocket holder off of the camshaft, inspected the decompressor assembly and everything looks fine. The rocker assembly moves freely and shows no sign of damage. I also pulled the clutch side off to inspect for anything that looked out of place and it looks perfect. The bike ran fine, he shut it off and when he went to kick it over it locked up. Has anyone had this issue before?
  3. German Trick

    Who Does Suspension Work in SoCal?

    Thanks for all the suggestions.
  4. German Trick

    Who Does Suspension Work in SoCal?

    I'm sure there are. I'd like to get some feedback on who's good and who to stay away from. Thanks
  5. I've done the searches and can't find what I'm looking for but, I know as soon as I hit the submit button I'll see something. Who does suspension work in SoCal (I'm in Huntington Beach)? I used to have Daryl Prieur of ACME do all my work. I can't believe it's been a year since his passing. We still think about you big guy. I have a '98 XR400 that I'd like to the forks and shock gone through and set up for desert. Thanks in advance!
  6. German Trick

    Thinking of a pumper carb

    Another vote for the Mikuni from XR's Only. Best money I've spent on my bike short of the suspension.
  7. German Trick

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    She' been a great bike!