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  1. drtbiker150f

    whats my xr200 worth

  2. drtbiker150f

    CRF vs KXF

    I'm going to buy one brand new so 2006
  3. drtbiker150f

    CRF vs KXF

    ok, the CRF250R and the KX250F are both nice bikes, yes? which 1 needs more maintainance with the engine and stuff? and what are the things that i should look for when i buy either bike? thanks a lot!
  4. drtbiker150f

    Quick question

    ok, i know this has nothing to do with dirtbikes so u might get pissed tht u clicked this and its not about dirtbikes, but how the hell do you get different avatars or change ur thing from saying TT newbie to something else. its not important but its bothering me, A LOT. haha thanks for all your help.
  5. drtbiker150f

    What bike next?

    Red, i have a crf150F
  6. drtbiker150f

    What bike next?

    Hi, i was wondering what you guys thought the best 4 stroke 250F was, i personally like the CRF or the KXF. i don't really like yamaha, and yes i know they are good bikes but they aren't for me. What are the good things and bad things about different 250F's? When i buy one I'm buying it brand new from a dealer unless i find a great deal on a nice bike. But all your feedback is greatly appreciated so thanks a lot for all your help.
  7. drtbiker150f

    What kind of bike next?

    yea def thanks a lot for all your help, im def a diehard YAMAHATER. no offense but my neighbors 3 yamahas and my old fourwheeler have tramatized me from ever liking yamaha. but anyways i either want the kxf or crf250r and im buying either one brand new 06 unless i find a great deal. thanks again for your help.
  8. drtbiker150f

    What kind of bike next?

    Hi, i have a crf150f and i want to sell it soon and get a 250f. Im not sure what kind yet but i want a KX250F or a CRF250R. im not sure about the yamaha or suzuki so can you guys give me some advice and what are some decent used prices for these bikes. thanks a lot. kirk
  9. ok, i had put bbr fork springs in my forks and now im going to try putting in the stock springs with heavier weight oil, i have no clue wat the measurements are for the fork oil. thanks for your help, its greatly appreciated.
  10. drtbiker150f

    Buying Jets for a 150F

    wat do you mean moved up the needle, i try not to **** around with the carb cuz i dont hyave a manual.
  11. drtbiker150f

    Buying Jets for a 150F

    OK, i have a CRF150F and i put on a pro circuit pipe, UNI air filter, 110 main jet over a 98 stock, took out the snorkel. People are telling me i should get a 42 pilot jet. should i? if so, where do i buy on of these. would i just call the place where i bought my bike and ask them for a 42 pilot jet?
  12. drtbiker150f

    hittin' the limiter

    i've got a 150 and all i do is race my friends on my road, i've hit the rev limiter for a minute straight and nothing has happened, then again i rejeted, put a high flow air filter, and a pro circuit exhaust system.
  13. hi, i just recently rejeted my crf 150f and put in a 110 jet and had a 98 jet in it. it rode nidely for 1 day then the next it was running crapy. it would bog out after the idle wen u try to accelerate fast in 1st and 2nd gear. do you think the jet is too big? thanks for your help.