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  1. http://www.technical-touch.com/fileadmin/sitecontent/pdf-files/Cataloog_2015__1_.pdf page 115
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    Smooth and fast!
    Smooth and fast!
  3. The shockbody new model 10mm shorter
  4. Shock rebound missing 1 shim 40-0.30*1 on the hs rebound or new piston?
  5. technical-touch Belgium stocks 3.2n/3.3n/3.4n/3.5n and they are cheap
  6. technical-touch partnr.balance spring psf ff 130mm/3.5N 110480003001
  7. I try 4 face shims, Thanks everybody
  8. 15 for a 54kg spring but thats not enough for a 59kg spring. The problem is if i want to adjust by closing in ,the shock starts bad because it has almost no bleed (compression) so i want to chance the valving, thanks
  9. adding 2 face shims on reboundstack crf450 2010 with pc-link 59kg spring ok? stock stack 54kg spring reb 40-0.2 (4) 28-0.11 40-0.3 38-0.3 36-0.3 34-0.3 32-0.3 30-0.3 28-0.3 26-0.3 any help would be great
  10. ok Marty, till now i use Dave's oil what helps great with the light damping off mine original shock. Sag 30mm/105mm,with the rebound adjuster on 5 still to light in the big hits.I want the adjuster around 10,thats why i'm looking for a modifyd rebound stack, Thanks
  11. Looking for reboundstack crf 450 showashock with 61kg spring
  12. thank you very much!!