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  1. I've had an "E" on my drivers licence for 20 years. They gots thumpers for the street, too. Bob
  2. Yeah, I always wave. But I don't do the cool low wave. Some guys look like they're pointing at the ground or a problem on my bike. I do the beauty queen on parade float thing. =) Bob
  3. BobMonster

    Which Thumper are you buying in 2006?

    Oh, wait. You said 2006. Durrrr.... I'm hoping to get a klr 250 much sooner than that. The Buell I got ain't much for touring unless you're a masochist. Bob
  4. BobMonster

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    Ayup! 1973 dt-2. Stinkpots RULE! Bob
  5. BobMonster

    Worlds Largest Personal Yacht! Massive!

    I wonder, do the rich guys take 'em out to deep water and raft 'em up like the regular guys do with the pontoons and the bowriders? =) Bob
  6. BobMonster

    FNG Reporting In

    Hi! My name's Bob and I live in central Mississippi. I'm the proud owner of a 1973 Yamaha DT2 named Barney. (It's Purple) Barney is mostly stock except for a Webco head and a Bassani pipe. I'm 50 years old and I have been riding for 20 years. My current street bike is a Buell XB9SX. That's almost like having two thumpers in the same bike right? Well, maybe not but it shakes like it does. =) For an icebreaker, I've brought a selection of Islay single malt scotches (cask strength, of course) and a case of Punch Churchills in a custom Maduro wrapper. Help yourself! Bob