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  1. Kurt Meyer

    wanted yz pipe

    I have an 04 YZ450 with the Pro Moto Billet Endcap, spark arrestor and quiet insert on EBAY right now. Type YZ450 exhaust and you'll see it. Then email me from EBAY and we'll talk. Kurt Meyer.
  2. Kurt Meyer

    Flywheel puller for WR426 02

    www.trailtech.net for a flywheel puller. I believe it is $19.95 and it is exactly the right tool (only tool you should use).
  3. I bought a new 04 (overstock) and I love it. I paid $4900.00 about 8 months ago. It has the 4 speed (which I love) and the most powerful motor on the planet. I don't thing you can go wrong with any YZ450.
  4. Kurt Meyer

    Spark Arrestor 00' YZ 426 ??????

    I currently have a complete 2004 YZ450 Exhaust pipe with the Pro Moto Billet Endcap already installed that I'm willing to sell for a reasonable price. Contact me if you're interested. It also has the quiet core insert. Kurt Meyer.
  5. Kurt Meyer

    Best Off-Road Suspension Tuner?

    Richard Wilson at House of Horsepower did my suspension and it couldn't be better. This is the second bike he has done for me (one YZ400 and one YZ450) and I never even touch the clickers. He will ask a lot of questions about what you want to ride, your weight, level of expertise, and even tell you that there is no suspension that does both Supercross and Enduros well. Check him out. Cost for mine was $450 with new front springs and revalving both the front and rear, oil, seals, etc. I ride Woods and GP's and I love my suspension.
  6. Kurt Meyer

    Race Tech ignored my request!

    House of Horsepower in Eugene Oregon will listen to your requests and will return to you the best suspension you've ever had. Richard Wilson is a genius and the fact that 75% of the racers in the OMRA racing series have House of Horsepower suspensions kind of speaks for itself. Good luck with Race Tech. Kurt Meyer 04 YZ450F H.O.H. Suspension Rekluse Clutch Trail Tech +10 flywheel, reduced sweep, bars, and Lynx computer Scott Triple Clamp PMB Spark Arrestor and Quiet Core