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  1. Howdy all! Well, I've got some news! Some of it is real good, and the rest, well, we just won't know till we know... First the good news... I had a (2.5 hour) meeting with the landowner over dinner the other night. The guy has really come full circle and is starting to see how things need to work. It seems like it has taken 3 months of telling him the same thing over and over again, but I think it has finally sunk in. What has helped the most, is your replies to the questionnaire!!! This is exactly what I think he needed to see to realize that I was genuinely serious about working something out with him. I printed out some aggregated info for him to chew on regarding how serious you guys were about a membership, along with what you thought of the price. I also printed out all your comments and such. So here is basically where we are at. I finally talked him into his take being a percentage of the membership fee as a term of the lease agreement, instead of having to hand him a check for the first 6 months rent. This is a GOOOOOD thing. Basically, whenever he comes up with a lease that we can agree on, I can sign on the dotted line, start up a not-for-profit club, and I can start taking memberships and we are off and running. Hopefully the lease thing can happen in the next month or so, but you never know with this guy. I keep telling him the sooner we get to an agreement, the sooner he gets $$$! There is one potentially bad thing, and that is, he is going to set the membership fee, NOT ME. I don't know what amount he is going to want to start with. I have told him I think he should start a little lower, but he may leave it where we initially proposed, or maybe even ask more. I don't know what he is going to do. He realizes that whatever price he picks will have to be one that brings in the most money for him. So if he goes too high, membership numbers are going to suffer and he is going to suffer. It's simple supply and demand. A few more tidbits, I mentioned guest passes and he didn't really even bat an eye, so I think we can work out something with a set number of guest passes for each member. I don't think he is going to have a problem with wives on utility quads out on the ranch roads. I don't have a problem with it either, as long as that's all the more it is. Also, the land I have on the maps on the website might change. We might be getting an even better part of the property. We would still get the grass track and all of Hollywood and Nite Train. We would lose Panther Den, but gain Dead Cow Hollow Trail, Lakeside Drive, and Moore's Bluff Trail!!! I'm crossing my fingers on that... I'll keep ya'll updated as more info becomes available! Jahelka www.blackjackranch.org
  2. Hello all! First off, THANKS for taking the time to respond to my questionaire/market survey! I have 118 responses so far! I have been in limbo with the land owner on negotiations as he had a prospective buyer for the place that he had been negotiating with for the last few weeks. That deal is NOT going to happen, so the land owner is now interested in trying to work out a lease deal with us. I am going to have dinner with him sometime in the next two weeks or so and we are going to try to nail down some details. I will use the information you have provided me to make decisions that are in the best interest of the majority. Some hot topics for you guys I can see from the comments sections and your responses... 1) DAY USE FEE - This seems to be a "recommendation" by many of you. Here is my response to that... Neither the land owner nor myself lives on the property. We would have no way of enforcing that a liability waiver was signed or any money was collected. When I go down there, I want to be cutting in new trail, or riding, not sitting at a gate all day collecting $10 and signatures. Now, those are just minor issues. The big issue is, making sure we bring in enough money to pay the lease. The only way I know to ensure that the money is going to be there is to actually collect it at the beginning of the year so the lease can be payed! Opening the place to a day use fee does nothing to solve the money problem. If you haven't ridden the place and are interested in checking it out before forking over molah for a membership, no worries. I will gladly take you out or have a few "demo days" where prospective members can go fer a ride! 2) GUEST PASSES - Many of you have said that guest passes are important. I'm sure we can work out something so that a payed member can have two or four guest passes a year or something like that. 3) QUADS for WIVES - I'm kind of on the fence on this one. The membership would NOT be open to folks interested in riding quads. It would be open to folks who want to ride single track on a motorcycle. Now, if that member has a wife that would like to come out and putt around on a utility quad every once in a while on the ranch roads ONLY, I think I could live with that. We will feel this out and see what we can work out. 4) PRICE - For the most part, people seem OK with the suggested price. I am going to negotiate for a slightly lower yearly membership fee than what I initially thought. I think that is what its going to take to get the numbers we need to pay the lease. I'm going to shoot for $300 for a individual membership and $500 for a family membership. 5) RV Hookups - These are not available now, but would hope that we could get some out there eventually. I'm quite sure the membership fee for a spot with an RV hookup will be more expensive than your regular membership fee... Well, thats about all I have for now. I'll continue to keep you updated as new info becomes available. If you know anyone that might be interested in a membership that doesn't have internet or hasn't heard of this yet, please let them know about it! Call em up and fill out a questionaire for them over the phone if you have to! I want a place to RIDE!!! Thanks for reading, Brian Jahelka Blackjack Ranch Motorcycle Club
  3. Jahelka

    1700 acre Private Membership Motorcycle Club

    If you think Deepwater is "good ridin" then this place would be worth your $$$ for pure extacy. Of course, if you are happy with Deepwater, then you probably wouldn't want to ride this place cause it would RUIN your perspective on "good ridin". I am hearing the responses to the questionaire, and while the slim majority is up for the proposed price structure, many would like to see a slightly lower price. Believe me, I'm going to do everything I can to convince the landowner to drop his $$$ requirements just a bit. I'm thinking $300 individual/$500 family might be a bit more inline. Don't forget that I am tossing around the idea of a semi-annual membership for roughly 2/3 to 1/2 the annual membership fee. So if you don't ride in the summer, or don't ride in the winter, maybe a semi-annual deal would be more enticing! Thought I would add my response to some good questions: Yo ----! At the current price/membership and the current price that the landowner wants, we are needing about 150 members. Looks like the average number of visits per year is about 5 or so... I imagine you could plan on 20 bikes there a weekend average... As far as RV hookups/slots, don't plan on ANY for the first year or two. I've heard funky things about massive amounts of money for enuf electric service (amperage wise) to support even 10 RV hookups. Plan on a commitment (membership) to the club for a few years before there would be enuf excess $$$ to pay for RV hookups and such. Guests are a tough issue. There are two things to consider. How do you allow guest passes when that is likely to reduce yearly memberships? For example, I wanna get a membership cause I wanna ride there. Oh wait! I know three guys that have memberships. I'll ride on their guest pass for free! More importantly, insurance and respect for the property are two huge issues for me. Keeping track of the paperwork for 150 members is enuf, now add in the occasional guest 1-day waiver form? What about the guest that either isn't properly informed about the law of the land, or doesn't care about what he does out there cause he isn't paying anything/isn't going to lose anything. I understand the demand for a guest pass or something like that, just need to find a workable solution... 200 miles of trail? Maybe if you want the place to look like every other public riding area out there! I prefer trail you can ride for a mile or two at a time without intersections. I'm sure supply and demand will dictate the right amount of trail for the property, but my guess is 60-70 miles of single track trail will be about right.
  4. Jahelka

    1700 acre Private Membership Motorcycle Club

    Here is the latest from the questionairs in regards to interest level... I'm starting to feel more like this thing can happen, especially if all I've done is post up some info on a few message boards and make a website. My next step is getting the info out to some bike shops! (18) I'm about to pee myself, where do I send the check? (49) Sounds like something I definitely want to do! (31) I'm somewhat interested. (2) Something needs to change before I'm interested. Total: 100
  5. Jahelka

    1700 acre Private Membership Motorcycle Club

    The price is based on (what the landowner wants + insurance/lawyer + administration overhead + extra money in the pot for improvements) / by number of members. Initially, I feel that this land can support 150 members, assuming half to two thirds of the memberships are family memberships. We could possibly increase number of memberships available for a year, but right now I'm just worried about getting the minimum to be able to afford a lease!!!
  6. Jahelka

    1700 acre Private Membership Motorcycle Club

    Will keep the info coming guys. I Plan on adding a page to the site that summarizes the responses from the questionaire. 50+ reponses so far. Good for one day I suppose, but its gonna take a lot more than that to make it happen. Send this info out to those guys that you know that don't race or might not otherwise find out about it. Thanks!
  7. Jahelka

    1700 acre Private Membership Motorcycle Club

    Guys, try mapquest.com and search for Blackjack (one word), MO. I'm not sure how far from St. Louis as I come from the other side. 54 Hwy runs just to the north of it. You would have to drive about 10 miles past Collins, MO on Hwy 54 to get there from St. Louis. Brian
  8. Howdy all, I am working on a private motorcycle riding club started up on 1700 acres located on the Blackjack Ranch in west-central Missouri. Please check out http://www.blackjackranch.org. I have pictures, trail maps, and even a Google Earth trail map on the website. Also I have a prospective member questionaire that I would like you to fill out if you are interested your own private riding area! Please pass this website on to anyone you think might be interested. This thing probably won't fly unless we get solid leads on enough members to make it happen. Thanks for reading, Brian Jahelka http://www.blackjackranch.org/