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  1. HighSierra

    EMERGENCY Oil Question

    ...and it sounds like a typo with regards to the friction modifiers... You never want friction modifiers or energy conserving oils with a wet clutch system.
  2. HighSierra

    Clarke Tank ? for 350SE

    I've got a clarke tank on my 94 350 SE. I used the stock petcock with no issues....even though it said in the instructions that you need to file away a section of one of the cooling fins on the engine for it to clear....Mine wasnt;even close.
  3. HighSierra

    Petcock Alternatives

    The cheap (yet somewhat hokey) way would be to get one of those inline valves...splice it in between the tank petcock and the carb.
  4. HighSierra

    DOT tires

    What is it that makes a tire non-dot??? Is it the speed rating?? or compounds too hard (read: skaty) for pavement?? Knobs too tall for "safe" purchase on pavement??
  5. HighSierra

    Disposing of old oil?

    .....Around here there are several places to take it for free disposal....Call your local dump, and I bet they have a list of local places to take it for free.......Most gas stations and "chain type" auto part stores take it for free as well (ie. Kragen, Pep boys, Autozone etc).
  6. HighSierra

    CA Plate for MN Plated WR ?

    Last year when I got the CA plate for my DR which was previously registered in NV, if I remember correctly, The 8th digit in the VIN HAD to be an "A" or an"8" otherwise you're SOL. The fact that you have a 3 is not a good sign... I think AZ has some pretty liberal rules so you're in luck if you can plate it there. I've had good luck getting the VIN inspection takken care of with Sherrifs... they;re sometimes a bit more easy-goiing than street cops. Another twist for Cali Residents to get a bike street legal would be to get it classified as a homebuit (like people who build a chopper in their garage)...Not sure how that would work on a dirt bike, but it's an idea.