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  1. cajohns

    talk me into buying a xr400

    Mine has been just a bulletproof as everyone says, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I ride the snot out of it and I love it.
  2. cajohns

    talk me into buying a xr400

    I have 3 XR's - 1 of them a '96 400 that I love! It's mostly stock and does everything I could ever want - lots of high mountain Utah trails and has been an awesome bike, but... I'm also not into this as much as others - however I put about 3500 singletrack miles on it every summer. I'm curious why you say the '96 is not one of the better years. Is there something I should be keeping an eye on? I'm kind of out of the loop that way.
  3. cajohns

    XR Silencer

    Thanks! Do you happen to know the item number? Also - yes - this is the year with the funky dual pipes, which I think is why I'm having problems finding a silencer.
  4. cajohns

    XR Silencer

    I want to replace the silencer on my '88 XR600R, but I can't seem to find one. I can find them for about every year but '88. I was thinking something a little more 'trick' than the stock silencer - something like a White Bros stainless, etc. Anyone now where I can get something like this? Do I just buy a regular silencer and get a pipe conversion (if it exists)? If so, where do I get that?
  5. cajohns

    Restrictor Plates

    Anybody know if the 88 XR600 came stock with an intake restrictor plate? If so, how do you remove it?
  6. cajohns

    Rear fender for XR600

    I had the same issue - I hated the curved enduro fender and replaced it with a heavily modified MX style fender from a 2005 CR 250. It looks trick. Almost like a new bike now.