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    How many hours out of a 2010-2014 KTM 250Sx?

    I can share my recent experience replacing first top end on my 07 250SX at 115 hours. I ride combination of desert, trail, mountain, and novice/intermediate class mx. Cleaned air filter after every ride, run Motorex 50:1, and have the jetting dialed for my mostly sea-level conditions. It still had such high compression that I didn't need to do it for that reason, but started wondering about part fatigue. It was still running sweet. I recently had a bad seal on the filter for a day and sucked some dirt at the track, that made my decision easy. It's torn down now.
  2. So I bought this bike used 2 years ago from Three Bros racing, on a whim after my son's CR85 seized in the garage and we were leaving for a weekend trip that night. Had I known of the valve issues prior, I probably wouldn't have got the Honda....hindsight. The bike has only been ridden about 10 hours since then, and by a beginner rider in the desert. I decided to take it out this weekend instead of the big bike, and long story short, I love this bike - so light, turns great, enough power, very fun. I'll be spending some time on this bike from now on. Here's my dilemna - I really don't know the history of the bike. It was very clean when I bought it, with a good pipe, triple-clamps, and new chain/sprockets, other than that looks stock and low hours. Now that I've heard all of the valve stories, I'm paranoid to ride the damn thing thinking it may grenade and cost $2k to fix. What would you do to check it out ? I'm planning to open it up and check the valves, but anything else I should look closely at for that year ?
  3. I'm gonna check out a used 2009 with 50 hours on it. Has a full FMF exhaust and upgraded rims otherwise all stock and looks very clean. Owner said he's replaced the piston/rings but valves haven't needed re-shimming yet. Anything to watch out for specific to this year ? and what is a fair price ? thanks
  4. If a proper valve train rebuild is performed, how many hours can you expect to get from these bikes ? I know there's plenty of you who have gone through this a few times, hoping you'll share your experience. Thanks
  5. So here's my story, and I'm interested in opinions and reviews if they are based on solid reasoning and experience. Currently I have the original WR400 (the reason this site exists) - it's super versatile as I have two tank/plastic kits that allow it to be a plated 3.2 gallon hog one day and a YZ trim profile the next. It's also ridiculously reliable, still running the original engine from top end to clutch. But it's old, and HEAVY. I also have an CRF250R. It's really fun to ride, very light and flickable, decent suspension, good low and high speed handling. The engine, well its enough to be fun but leaves me wanting more at times. So what I want to do is sell them both and buy a used late model 450. Optimally I want a bike that handles like the 250 but with 450 power and my old WR reliability. Can't afford new, so probably looking 06-08 model years. I'm about 195 lbs in gear, intermediate to expert level rider, and I'll ride just about everything during the course of a year - mx track, open desert, technical singletrack, sand, snow, rocks, etc. I've been a bit out of touch with the industry in the last few years, but now I'm riding more again (exiting the kids phase of life.) I don't know the ins and outs of recent years - who has the best engine for reliability, who had awesome or terrible handling, which bikes have bad headshake, good or bad suspension....you get the idea. So there's my wishlist - the best 450 all around playbike made in recent years, that won' break the bank with maintenance. Suggestions ??
  6. Geez Andy, how did you know it was me - the guy who spent all Saturday making sure I only stopped on top of a hill so I could get that damn red bike started with a bump. Kind of disappointed though, I expect at least a little sales pitch in that reply since I'm looking for a 450 and you're selling one
  7. good answer, thank you
  8. Not worried about getting it plated. My WR has a plate but I haven't renewed it since 2005 since I don't enjoy the dual sport rides too much. Funny that only KTM/Husky has been mentioned so far. I'm gonna look into the KTM 300 and 450 since I have a good choice of local dealers, but I'm also considering some of the big 4, like an 06 YZF450, I've heard good things about that year. Don't think I want to go bigger than an MX trim 450 though, beyond that I feel I'll be sacrificing the 'flickability' and fun factor that I'm looking for. Now if I can get e-start with the same weight, of course I'm game for that....
  9. Thanks Wrfrk, I'll look into that 450XCF. I see you have a 300, been tossing that around in my mind as well as I do miss the old 2 stroke hit and ease of maintenance.
  10. dieseld

    2004 CRF250 new to me - what to check ?

    actually, this one does burn a little oil, on the engine side only though, none on the tranny side. It seems to puff a little smoke when cold, then stops when warm. It burns about an ounce per 2 hour session I think.
  11. dieseld

    2004 CRF250 new to me - what to check ?

    thanks guys, just needed a little reassurance that I can ride this thing once a month with normal maintenance and not feel like I'm walking through mine fields. I guess the valves will tell me more once I open her up.....
  12. I've ridden a lot of boots over 30 years, and they've all been comfortable enough after break in to wear for a full weekend in the desert, until I bought the Tech 7's. I tried many different boots and spent some time walking in the stores. The 7's were very comfortable, although in every pair I tried on there was a small pressure spot on the inside of both feet just under the ball of the ankle. I figured they would break in and not be an issue, but now after about 10 hours on them, they've broken me. Each session, after a couple hours of them being on, they wear a hole in my skin that drives me frickin crazy, and I can't wait to get them off. Even putting gauze and tape over those spots of my feet this weekend didn't help. I've gone to the shop and checked other boots, and every pair is just like mine. There is a spot where 3 stitches cross over each other and it sticks out a bit. Other than wrapping my ankle in an ace, I don't see much I could do about it. Anyone else have 7's do this ? did you do anything to fix them ? I'd like to keep them if I can fix this, everything else about the boots is good.
  13. Thanks for that idea. Do you feel that you lost any ankle stability by widening the heel area with the softball ? And I agree with the other comments, with the exception of that one spot, they are extremely comfortable everywhere else.
  14. I know I can go to the dealer, but try to avoid it. I need a float valve and AP diaghram for my ol' friend 98 WR. The TT online store only shows year 2000 and newer, same with Sudco. Does anyone know if the FCR carbs are close enough so that I can order 2000 parts ? If not, what online resource will have part #'s and ability to order the older model parts. After many iterations of jetting this thing is dialed to perfection, and no cracked slide to date so I'm not looking for a replacement carb. thanks
  15. I have a 97 CR80 chassis in good shape but with an engine that needs a few hundred $$ to get back into working order. I just got an 04 CRF250 for my son, so now this bike is sitting and I want to put an XR100 engine in it if possible so my daughter can grow into it (and it could be a fun pit bike !) I have no idea where to start, or if this is even feasible. Has anyone done this ? Any pointers or suggestions ? Thanks
  16. I have been reading that the XR50's can be converted to a manual clutch and 4 speed. Can we do the same to the '03 XR70 ? If so, is this a major investment ? This looks like it could be a very nice growth path for my daughter who is about ready to learn the clutch, but not quite ready for the powerband of our CR60. Thanks
  17. dieseld

    manual clutch for XR70 ?

    Awesome, that's what I was hoping for...thank you. I also noticed that you can get new 70 or 88cc engines with 4 speed manual clutch on ebay for a couple hundred bucks. It looks like they are not Honda engines though, and the quality may be questionable.
  18. dieseld

    XR 70 Gearbox

    Same thing on my daughters 2003. I bought used but like new. What is the process of adjusting the clutch on these 3 speed auto's ?
  19. I need to get the forks revalved. Any suggestions for a good shop around here ? I know that there are lots of good suspension houses out there, any in OC ? thanks
  20. dieseld

    Who does suspension tuning in So Cal ?

    Thanks for those suggestions guys. I also came across Fineline which is only 15 minutes away from my work. Anybody have any experience with Fineline and thier service ?
  21. dieseld

    Any suggestions on GPS?

    You'll like your Etrex Vista. I've used the same unit for over a year now after owning a Magellan for 3 years. Both are solid and dependable units, although the Vista has a lot more features than my old Magellan. The Vista has been in my truck on a Ram mount, in the fanny pack, on the handlebars, and even strapped to the back of the chest protector through a couple of desert races. It has yet to let me down. One thing I can say, don't try to use any sort of rechargeable battery, not even NiMH make my Vista happy. If you stick with the top brand alkalines you'll get long life. Now just go out and get Topo! or another 3D topo map software and your all set !
  22. dieseld

    clutch pull mods?

    Cool, somebody found the p/n - thanks for posting it. You're right about the big difference, and even more so toward the end of a hard ride or moto !
  23. dieseld

    clutch pull mods?

    that looks like the one, but kind of hard to tell from pictures since they all look similar. I took a glance at the lever on my bike this morning, and the only identifying mark is on the bottom of the lever near the cable, there is a label of SN3, or was it SN5 ?. Oh man it was only a few hours ago - short term memory loss I will look tonight in my box of parts. I may have saved the Yamaha bag or written the part # down somewhere.
  24. dieseld

    Steering Dampers

    I have been very happy with my GPR dampener, DH1 triple clamp, and Tag bar combo that I got last year. I have noticed a difference in every type of riding. On the track it allows you to ride longer without tiring, and on the wide open washboard/whoops it allows you to keep your shorts clean
  25. dieseld

    Pricing for TTR125L ?

    I am looking to get a 125L for my almost 11 year old son who has outgrown his CR60. What is a decent price for a used 125L, and what year were they first introduced ? Thanks