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  1. You blew the top end.
  2. Just ride the bike around, man.
  3. That sucks, you need a new cylinder.
  4. The difference is like one one hundreth of a millimeter, so it doesn't really matter. You might find 1/20th of a horsepower difference between all of them.
  5. Maybe you shouldn't ride a two stroke if you shift before the powerband. Im pissed if im not in the powerband. It makes me feel like a pornstar.
  6. Over 4 G's for a 150f? They're out of their minds.
  7. I just use whatever oil is closest to my hand, unless it is premix that is closest, in which case I'll burn the extra hundreth of a calorie and reach an additional decimeter.
  8. I use the es, I do not notice a difference between the br8es and the br8eix or ev(discontinued) which cost like $10
  9. Ill trade you... a nickel, a rubber band, and some pocket lint?
  10. Usually the guy that broke his leg doesnt want to move to the quicker, more intimidating bike. If I had an 05-06 YZ250, i wouldn't trade. But I sure will trade you a beat up 2000!
  11. I think the AMA is on mushrooms. I am in full and complete (what's more?) agreeance with RCannon, along with a strong appreciation of his humor.
  12. I think shanecaseber should just quit riding and send me his wheels.
  13. You know, there're people out there, like me, who have no wheels. THen there are people like you... bastard.
  14. Damn, I was just at wal-mart. I would have bought the issue had I known...
  15. Yeah, that is a real pain. The top end (piston and rings) will need to be replaced every 10 hours. So thats averaging you like $100 extra dollars a week on top of race gas, which is like $7 a gallon. The 144 is a real blast though, it doesnt rev as high but doesnt need to. If you are on a low... i mean Normal budget, i would stick with stock cyclinder, or maybe get another cylinder on ebay and have one cyclinder with the 144 kit and one stock cylinder, because that would be just awesome.