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  1. svlkg4e

    I'm soooooo happy!!!--pix added ;0)

    Welcome and Nice pics but man!!! DO you go nuts with all that hair under you helmet?? I sure would!!
  2. I totally hear you on this!!! Sometimes It kills me to leave them at home, then when I get to where I am going I think to myself, "why didnt I bring them, they would have had a blast?"
  3. svlkg4e

    beginner mx tracks in AZ?

    What days are the night practices at ET?? I dont know much about hours or days there...
  4. svlkg4e

    beginner mx tracks in AZ?

    I want to try the track also, I am thinking of selling the 150f soon so I will be bikeless for awhile, I need to get out on RIDE... pop this track cherry finally!
  5. svlkg4e

    Boyfriend Reads My posts

  6. svlkg4e

    Boyfriend Reads My posts

    SO I only read the first 6 pages and now i wanna rant and rave about the original topic. My EX boyfriend logs into my email and reads all my stuff, my space and edits my account as he pleases, since friday, 6 of my friends are mysteriously deleted!!! My tmobile account, every time I try to log on online, my account is frozen due to to many failed login attempts!!! Yes I have tried to create new email accounts, new pass words, and nothing works because he knows all my info. I swear I need a secret Idenity for some freakin, i dont know, PRIVACY!!!! I am just bitchin because I know he has been reading what I say on here and then maybe he will take hint to LEAVE MY SHIT ALONE!!!!
  7. svlkg4e

    Boyfriend Reads My posts

    more boobie talk..... What am I missing? I thought this was about stalking bf's? ok I git lazy and only read this first 6 pages.
  8. LOL! I am so glad I have "average" boobs. Sorry I cant give any advice here.
  9. svlkg4e

    The Hottest Picture Ever of Me!

    "Leg humpers" LOL
  10. svlkg4e

    Some Girl Pics if you're bored...

    Nice pics! Looks like fun
  11. 4 stroke here, a small one at that (150f)!!! I have never tried any other bikes out there, 2 or 4 stroke, except a 230f for 5 min, so I wouldnt know which is best for what.
  12. svlkg4e

    The Hottest Picture Ever of Me!

    YA, thanks for the ride GTSNOWCRACK, it was fun even though it was a short ride for us. I will have to practice those singletrack trails ALOT more, maybe then I will be able to stay ON the trail!! My knee has been killing me.
  13. svlkg4e

    AArrrggg it's been one of those weeks!!!

    ANd i could bring my sister, shes a single girl with a 230f. OOOOhhh it would be so much fun. In the desert... I love to put around sycamore or four peaks area. I am not crazy "my ex says that I still dont ride to my full potenial" &%$#@!? what does he know!!! but after a couple of beers I get super brave. I know, its just a couple!!
  14. svlkg4e

    AArrrggg it's been one of those weeks!!!

    That is SO DARN FUNNY!!! that you bring this up!!! I was gonna ask you if you ride at any of hte tracks here but I didnt want you to think that I was creepy or anything. I havent been to any of the tracks around here but I would LOVE to go check them out. I havent heard of the one on ocotillo?? but I have gone to look at the one on Ironwood or is it Ellsworth?? It looks like I would be ok to ride that. I am just afraid of hurting other riders. We should so check it out!! It could be like the single girls night out at the race track. lol