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  1. Buckless

    Electric start XR70/CRF70

    I'm interested in finding out how much the entire mod cost for the electric start addition.
  2. As I stated in my post, there is no adjustment at the end of the cable near the fork leg. The cable ends inside a metal barrel and there are no adjustments down there. If I had the time at home to figure it out on my own I would be doing that rather than posting on this website. I guess my expectation that somebody else could take a few minutes and explain it to me was unrealistic.
  3. I recently purchased a 2003 XR70 for my son without a manual. I want to take some of the travel out of the front brake lever. There's at least an inch or more of travel. Can anyone tell me how to do this? The front brake cable has a lead barrel on the end down near the front wheel hub and not the nut/spring type that our 2003 XR50 has. Any help would be appreciated....Gary
  4. Just picked up a 2003 XR70 for my son and would like to know the maximum weight capacity for riders. The bike didn't come with a manual so if anyone could shoot me an email with this info it would be appreciated...GB:confused:
  5. Buckless

    training wheels on crf50

    I have the Honda training wheels that came with our XR50 on right now. They are very similar to bicycle training wheels. They seem to work well so long as the ground is level or only a slight grade. When I put the Honda training wheels on, I had to pull the axle bolt which isn't a big deal. I also had to reverse the axle nut since the training wheels were taking up space on the axle bolt. The axle bolt length should have been a 1/4 inch longer to allow the nut to grab the threads. Since it's not long enough, I screwed the nut on with the beveled side going on first (rather than the flat side). I have the throttle at 30% right now for my sons. That seems to work okay.....Buck
  6. Thanks for the reply. One additional question. Is the motor oil that the Honda Dealer sells different that what I put in my car?
  7. I just purcahsed a 2003 Honda XR50 for my sons. The bike didn't come with an owner's manual and I want to change the oil. If someone can send me an extra xr50 owner's manual I would greatly appreciate it. It has been 20 years since my last dirt bike so I don't remember what type of oil to use. Any guidance on oil type and how much goes into an xr50 would be appreciated...Thanks....Buckless