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  1. MRD-RACING Great pipes good price and great service!
  2. Check w Dave at MRD-RACING he can make ya a pipe with the power where ya want it, great price and better service!
  3. Smash check with Dave at MRD he can make ya reeel loud pipe.
  4. I,m 5'6 with kouba link and seat cut no problem:thumbsup:
  5. check out mrd-racing great pipe and better service
  6. check out mrd-racing he makes great pipes with great service and price!
  7. check out mrd-racing.com Dave makes great pipes and has great service,with a crash warr.(I fall alot so this is a good thing)
  8. check the pics on mrd pipe post. if they want alot for a header. dave will make you a pipe good price (about 400) and if you crash it they fix it or replace it! graet pipe better service!
  9. check out mrdracing.com dave will make you one close to that price with great service and better warr.
  10. keep the x and just be easy with the right hand! the xr is a good bike,but after a year or so you will wish you had the x.
  11. check out mrdracing.com . great pipe, price and service ,dave will make the pipe you want!
  12. check w dave at mrd-racing.com just got mine looks great(not on yet) good service and he"ll put the power where you want it
  13. mine left this morning thinking diningroom would make a good xxxxx workshop
  14. Burned, thanks for quick reply,back in dirt w, nefew after about 25 yrs. cant beleive responce and powerband of new thumper feels like cr250 i rode 25 years ago thanks
  15. Burned 3+3 mod yosh full comp I used your no,s for main and adj stock screw local dealer tried 3 times to get pilot put back w stock pilot runs great no poping on decel but pipe at first bend at cyl. blueing 150 miles hard dirt riding normal ? thanks