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  1. tntretro

    Shoei VFX-W VS Arai VX-Pro 3

    My son has both helmets right now and they are both great helmets. We did some homework before buying the Arai a few months ago and it is built with more safety in mind. The most important thing is to get the helmet sized by someone who knows how a helmet should fit. We changed the top pad and the cheek pads and he likes the Arai much better than the Shoei.
  2. tntretro

    11 YZ 125 22hr update

    140 hours? He is riding a ticking bomb. For 90.00 you can replace the top end and not worry. My son races mx on a 125 and it see's a new piston every 20 hours. He does notice the performance gains and dad sleeps better at night knowing we have a fresh top end.
  3. I tow a Kendon trailer with 1 bike on it, totals about 650 to 700 lbs with a 2010 Civic, auto trans. I do not see it shifting any more than without the trailer and I get 30 miles to a gallon on the highway.
  4. tntretro

    Too young to start riding?

    If they can comprehend the concept that is fine. My son started on a JR 50 with training wheels at 2 years old. He is 13 now and after 8 years of racing, watching him race his 125 in the open C class is more nerve racking than watching him ride when he was 2 or 3 years old. The only problem that I had was the time goes too fast. Cherish the time when they are just starting out.
  5. tntretro

    best car for hauling bikes?

    With gas at 4.00 gal I had to look at ways to save. Sold my pickup and bought a used Kendon 2 bike trailer. Only weighs 400 lbs and stores up right in my garage. I pull it with a 2010 Honda Civic with no problem. Taking my Fun Mover to practice 8 milles per gallon highway Taking my Civic with trailer to practice 30 miles per gallon highway:banana:
  6. tntretro

    want to start racing motocross

    Pagoda Motorcycle Club is holding a race this Sunday with practice on Saturday. It is located just outside of Reading. Google "amadistrict6" this will give you all the information needed for motocross racing in the area.
  7. tntretro

    Moving to NJ Please HELP

    Sorry to say NJ is not fan of motocross. The only track i know of is Englishtown (Raceway Park). Blue Diamond in Delaware is a great practice track and a few tracks in PA to race at,but they are a haul from Hoboken.
  8. tntretro

    Easy clutch pull????

    I have a Sikk 125 and I want to make the clutch pull easy for my son. any suggestions