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  1. rmrfirebug

    Jetting for Breck

    I just bought a 05 CRF450X in Denver (Had a 99 XR 400 which was great), Im riding 10K-12K feet in Breck. I have no mods so far, and it came with a 142 jet. Im not super tech savvy but am learning, what adjustments do I need for up here? Also bought a 05 CRF230F to replace the wifes 04 CRF 150 same jetting questions? Thanks
  2. rmrfirebug

    Very High Elevation Jetting

  3. I just bought a 05 CRF450X no mods so far. I live at 10,000ft, ride single track and jeeps trails at 10-12K feet. Avg temp in summer is 70ish and low RH. It came from Denver, 5Kft, jetted with a 142. Any advice on the setup for this elevation?
  4. rmrfirebug

    Very High Elevation Jetting

    I just bought an 05 CRF450X in Denver 5000ft (Had a 99 Xr400 which has been great). I dont plan on any big mods, it is stock. I live at 10,000 feet (Breckenridge CO) and ride jeep trails and single track at 10-12K feet, RH is low and avg temp in summer 65 - 70. It came with a 142 jet. I have been reading a bunch of forums but havent found much for this elev. Any recs on the set up for this elev?