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    2005 crf 50 price

    1084 otd at LA Cycles, For the Northern Cali people I know 1200 otd at Mach 1 Motorsports, they are located in Vallejo.
  2. RickyRick

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    Thanks. I was thinking about taking it out on the track but nothing crazy just to follow the little guy around, and give him someone to ride with. There are not many kids on the track we have here locally on base so he just needs a chase bike to up his skills alittle.
  3. RickyRick

    New to Forum

    Strandman - Did you do any mods to the 50 before you started rolling around on it? I am about the same weight and dont want to mess anything up to much since it is suppose to be my sons bike. I am thinking when I get mine I need to get a thicker swing arm and a new shock. Any ideas??
  4. RickyRick

    New to Forum

    Well I just joined today, looks like some good info in here too. Last saturday my son received a 05 CRF50 so I am just looking for current riders and any complaints or good deals for it. I think after riding it a couple times myself I will be getting one within about a month for me so he and I can mess around on them together. Well just wanted to say hi and I will be seeing you all on the boards. RickyRick