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  1. Goob

    Fire lookout at Elkins Flat. (Pipi)

    250X4RJ is so happy
  2. Goob

    Anything still going on around here?

    I was cleaning up my browser and thought I'd take a look around, it's been years. Place seems pretty sterile nowadays?
  3. I was just wondering if 250X4RJ and bigbob were still seeing each other?
  4. Goob

    Let's Make This Happen! Swimming Hole Ride!

    How the hell did you find the Bigfoot Hotel?
  5. Goob

    Real Deal SSS Ride this Weekend

    I'm glad my son looks up to Sperle. Dude, you're an A class A-hole. Stay on your minute!
  6. Goob

    Frank Raines park worth a try?

    Go to Church instead. Frank Raines sucks.
  7. Goob

    $50.00 for a green/red sticker

    I don't ride much.
  8. Goob

    $50.00 for a green/red sticker

    Another option is to skip registration and ride mx tracks, they're only $20.00 per bike.
  9. Goob

    good mechanic for kx 65

    The top ends not a problem. I've never split a case though.
  10. Goob

    good mechanic for kx 65

    My sons kx 65 needs the case split and I'm not ready to take that on myself. Anyone know of a good shop in Northern California (Sacramento, Stockton area) that can do it? I got the motor out and ready to drop off, it has something going on with the transmission and while it's out the crank bearnings, cylinder, and top end need replacing. I've always done my own work so don't know a good place to take this POS. The local shops seem a little weak in the service department.
  11. Goob

    Ama and D36 fees? (Carnegie)

    I don't think everyone got lost. It looked like someone between the AA guys and your group must have blown through a corner and about 15 of you followed. It was pretty funny when a group of A riders came through about 10 minutes ahead of the AA guys and even better when one of the guys was wearing work jeans.
  12. Goob

    High Sierra Ride Report. Moonrocks review

    Those 2 statements don't go together.
  13. Goob

    E-Street Mx?

    Also adding to the crowds on Saturday will be the Youth Cross Country race. I'm pretty sure it's closed all weekend.
  14. Goob

    Thunderhill GP

    No problem, glad to help.
  15. Goob

    Thunderhill GP

    If you were in the red shirt you introduced yourself to me but I forget your name. I was in the muddy riding gear and I think I was the one that helped your kid out, that bike must have weighed 300 pounds and he was wiped out. Once we got it up and cleaned the grips and his gloves he was off and ripping! I'm glad he stuck with it, he was pretty bummed about the time he lost but I told him not to worry because everyone was getting stuck and he'd catch and pass them. Sounds like he did.