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  1. I'm trying to achieve the most linear power band possible on my 200, I like the pre-load one turn in from stock ( that's two from flush) with the "sunny" map, but I'm concerned that it may not be letting the power valve open completely. Thinking of trying a heavier spring with less pre-load. I have no experience with the different spring weights, so I would appreciate hearing from anyone who does- whatever the bike. TIA
  2. hahaha I prefer Cooper. I've got mine to where the forks just hit the radiators. It's fine, but it's not great. I mostly notice it when I have to lay it over to turn around in a tight spot.
  3. FWIW, I don't know if the '20 is worse than the '19, but I wouldn't mind if my '19 turned tighter. I shortened the stops as much as possible and I can live with it, but I still wouldn't mind more. I've had the same issue with KTMs in the past.
  4. Pretty much my thoughts, also. I want to be careful with the compression, since I want to be able to run pump gas and some of it may be a little sketchy. I emailed Eric Gorr a little while back and asked him if he's looked at any Beta engines, but have not heard back. I'm sure he's very busy. Maybe I'll try to call him at some point. Just finished working on my suspension. Haven't gotten a chance to ride it, but will give more thought to the power plant when I'm satisfied with that. Will keep you all apprised. ✌️
  5. That's what I suspect. I don't need more on top, but I wouldn't mind a little more on the bottom. Probably won't be able to get it with just a pipe.
  6. I would talk to whoever recommended the spring you have and see if they will swap it out.
  7. Hey Hans. Thanks for sharing. Have you tried the Lucky cartridges?
  8. Did you get the shock sorted out? Are you still happy with the package? Which package did you get? TIA
  9. Should not be a problem. I would be using much lower pressures than the AER fork.
  10. They are not. I was thinking of adding a valve to the rebound side cap and playing around with spring and pressure combinations.
  11. I've been thinking about trying something similar with my 200 forks.
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