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    you mean besides riding??
  1. That noise description is exactly what happened to my DRZ. I had about 9500-10,000 on it when it began. I took it to 2 diferent dealers and both said the noise was in my head and that "it is just the noise that newer 4-strokes make" About 150-200 miles later the motor blew. I took it to the daeler and the said the whole crank went bad and they had to do a new motor. I swore by the drz untill that point. I was very disappointed by the whole experience.
  2. richgiffen

    How long till your motor blew??

    I have a 2005 drz400s with approximatly 9500-10,000 miles on it. It finally took a dump on me a couple of days ago. The dealer said the crank was bad and that there was no evidence of anything on the piston, etc.. My question is....What is the average number of miles till your bike "blew it"??
  3. richgiffen

    DRZ for longer trips?

    your right...no matter what mods you do its still not a street bike. Accept it for what it is, or stop spending money on mods and get a bike designed for what you need. A street bike.
  4. richgiffen

    DRZ for longer trips?

    For 2 years now my DRZ400s has been my ONLY source of transportation! I communte sometimes 50+ miles a day on it. I live in Southern california and I ride average traffic speed of about 80mph. Ive also taken it over 100mph (sketchy, not because of the speed but the squirlleynes of the bike). Ive also taken it on LONG AND EXTENDED TRIPS. My bike has pretty much the same specs as those you mentioned. when I first got it I complained about the same thing you are. And to take it on the freeway I always felt guilty because it was revved WAY to high. I changed my rear sproket to a 41 tooth so that I could maintain a good highway speed but not feel like I was going to blow my engine. Someone on TT recommended it to me. I dont care about what they tell you on this site, a 41 tooth as compared to a stock is not that much of a differece on the city streets but at high speeds on the freeway it makes cruzing 70-80 realisticly no problem. I recommend it as it has been my daily driver for 2 years now. I have even taken it in the dirt with that gear ratio and it handled fine. (remember it is not a dirt/motocross bike. It is a dual sport which means it will alow you to do both fairly easy without specializing in one or the other). But on the other hand after 2 years of hard riding and over 10,000 miles I finally blew my motor yesterday. I was riding it ridicuolusly for about 2 weeks when it happened so it was no suprise. For little trips around town and short trips beyond that either keep it stock or change to 41 tooth. But from my experience, not that the DRZ400 cant handle it, but if your going to do ALOT of long highway trips get a 650.
  5. richgiffen

    Which lift stand should I get?

    I have one of both of those styles. I was looking for a good jack like how you are but no matter what you get the drz is too heavy. All of those lifts only max out at 300lbs. The drz weighs more thn that espescially if you get etas on it. Honestly, ive used them, but i recommend if your going to get an extra jack and leave it at the cabin then you should get another sears one.
  6. How do I identify a cam chain/tensioner problem??
  7. richgiffen

    HELP!!! Weird noise from my engine

    So I tightened the clutch lever pivot. I was a little loose but that was not the problem. The noise is definitley coming from the motor. Since it is not the valves, what does a bad cam chain/or chain tesioner sound like. On that same note, what does a worn orwearing piston and/or rings sound like?
  8. richgiffen

    HELP!!! Weird noise from my engine

    Yes, i checked everything just like you said, and put it all back together. I started it up, and it still is making noise. Im not sure what it could be at this point.
  9. richgiffen

    HELP!!! Weird noise from my engine

    I removed the ACCT like you said. The plunger was only about 4-5 notches out from the edge of the metal apparatus. I held in the the spring release and pulled the plunger in and out, shook it all about, the works, and nothing broken came out.
  10. richgiffen

    HELP!!! Weird noise from my engine

    How do I know if I need to replace my ACCT with a MCCT?? Could that be the rattling/chattering i'm hearing?? is the only way to check tension to twist the nut?
  11. richgiffen

    HELP!!! Weird noise from my engine

    So I have looked into it further....To answer the one gentlemens question I put a skid plate on when I bought the bike, and only recently, 2years later, I have started hearing the noise. I pulled off the valve cover today. I did a valve job not to long ago so my first thought was maybe I forgot to tighten something, or I botched it up. Everything was tight, and valve clearances were within specs. I put new oil in, etc... I also checked the cam chain tensioner. The chain seemed tight to me, and I was no able to tighted it any more myself by turning the 12mm bolt on the outside of the engine case. Any other ideas??? HELP!!!! I love my bike and I dont want to ruin it. I am willing to be patient and do it properly.
  12. I have a 2005 drz400 with approximatley 10,000 miles on it. Recently I have been hearing a rattling/chattering from my engine (top end). At idle,low, and high speeds I hear it. It is loud enough that I hear it while I ride over my exhaust. What could it be?? My valves? HELP!!!
  13. richgiffen


    It is my understanding that the valves (tappet) clearance tightens over time. Is that correct?
  14. richgiffen

    1994 650XRL Repair Manual

    I am in desperate need of a repair manual that will work for my 1994 XR650L. Does any one have one on a CD/DVD they can send me, or tell me where to download one? HELP!!!! Thanks in advance....
  15. I got done doing my first valve job today. Using the appropriate shims I adjusted my valves so that I now have .17 clearance on both intakes, and .26 on both exhaust. Both are well within the tolerances. So I put in oil and started the bike The bike starts up MUCH easier now. Without any hesitation, and gives a little pop on the start from the exhaust. My problem however is that I now hear a ticking noise coming from the engine. My valves were pretty off, so perhaps I never heard it before. But I dont know if the ticks are important. HELP!!!!