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  1. mOdD

    '08 450 Plastics

    Mark831, the Acerbis plastics were pretty cheap. I think $120 Canadian or so. I did order some graphics off of Ebay and it cost almost as much as the plastics!!
  2. mOdD

    WR450 IMS 3 gal tank For 2012

    I want one! That thing looks sweet! Doesn't look like a 45 gallon drum like the Clark tank that I run. What are those worth?
  3. mOdD

    Throttle Tube with bearings

    It moves freely on the bar when it's not hooked up? I'm wondering if it's rubbing where the cables click in....this throttle tube was made in Argentina so I don't know if the quality is bang on. I might try some Emery cloth and sand it down where I see some rub marks?
  4. So I went down to the local dealer and picked up a new aftermarket plastic throttle tube for my '08 (old one had 1.5" cut off for some reason) Anyways I tried everything and this new tube will not return when you crank the throttle down... I put the old cut one back on and it returns like normal. Do I need to go spend $100 on a throttle tube with bearings built in?
  5. mOdD

    2012 WR450 IMS fuel tank

    Weird? I never had to do that?
  6. mOdD

    what oil best for wr 450

    Going to just run 20w50 this year. Gets pretty hot where I ride so I figure better to use something a little thicker.
  7. mOdD

    Packing for a long trip

    What kind of bags are you guys using to haul all the tools etc.? Anyone make a good size front fender bag? Used to have a Moose one but it was too small.
  8. Would you be interested in selling youre stock muffler?
  9. What about the real bikes like the FE, TE, and EXC's?
  10. mOdD

    '08 450 Plastics

    Having trouble finding just the shroud decal kit. I don't need the fender crap and swing stickers etc. Searched everywhere in Canada but mainly just finding the complete decal kit and mostly for the yz's
  11. mOdD

    '08 450 Plastics

    I was told '07-'11 will work. Going to get a box from acerbis with everything in it. Leave the shrouds with no decals or does that look funny?
  12. mOdD

    Few ideas

    SOB! I didn't even know they made risers for bikes. I have always put 10" plus risers on my sleds. It's too bad I have to get new bars because the previous owner cut the throttle and bar on that side i'm guesing to put the bark buster on? The throttle is too tight for me though so I have to replace both i'm thinking...
  13. mOdD

    Pics "From The Saddle" of my WR

    Hey Revy Rider. What mtn is that? I went sledding up that way years ago in June...rode across from 3valley gap into monashee cat skiing and also boulder mtn. I have heard most alpine is off limits to bikes. Would love to explore anywhere legal in august when the snow is gone!
  14. mOdD

    Few ideas

    Thanks Bandit I will give those a try. Also that tank from you is awesome! Love not having to worry about running out on those long rides!
  15. mOdD

    Few ideas

    Thanks JD, I will look into those. Also any good aftermarket seats out there that don't cost a fortune?