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  1. Do you think it's that bad?
  2. Sorry didn't know! C ya learn something everyday!
  3. I'm only 14 but have illegally rode on a ZX6R before! Dang that thing was scary! I've been driven since I was 9! (Grandpa tought me how to drive!) I stay on our 1.2mi dirt "Driveway"!
  4. I looked at the BBR Rims and like them! The pic is the bottom one in my garage it's hard to see because it is after I tried to fix it! I don't the company that one of ya gave makes them for the 150, they make mostly MX bike rims!
  5. Maybe they're powder coated, just guessing!
  6. I got the 150, I too had the same question! The 150 was my first bike and I did fine on it! There's a big weight difference in the Yami and the CRF! The CRF is 216 lbs. Thats a good workout loading it up on the truck! Not sure for the Yami, but it's a big difference! Also look at the controls on the Yami, it looks like pretty cheap quality! If you get the TTR get the TTR125L/LE instead of the normal one! It's up to you, but I WOULD GO HONDA OVER YAMI ANYDAY!!!!!!!!
  7. Cool, some dudes that actually know crap about streetbikes too! Do they have a streetbike forum? That would be cool for those of use that ride dirt and tarmac!
  8. No, actually it's me!HAHA! I was gone at school all day and came back and expected 1-2 replies and WOW! I never new the guys on TT could help me so much! I'm still trying to get use to the maintence part of riding and the expensive part! I'm gonna go gold more than likely, I don't care for the black ones that much! The rim is only bent on one side. It's just the outer rim! It's hard to explain where but I post a pic in my Garage right now! How much PSI should I try to keep my tires? The spokes aren't bent, Thank God! I really appreciate the help guys!
  9. Yeah! I like the GSX-R 750 also Lighter than a R1 but more power than a R6! Apparently you like streetbikes!
  10. Anyone know where he got it?
  11. R1's are cool but I want a R6! I tired of everyone wanting a Hayabusa! Yeah they're fast but they ain't that great!
  12. Dude it's funny! Am getting the same thing too!
  13. I've heard of them!
  14. Sorry Dude! He's a &%$#@!!
  15. Exactly I'm gonna go as soon as I get my rim fixed!