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  1. knuklehead

    Stonyford Conditions?

    Rode fri sat sun. rain/ snow on sat nite. Sunday rode trail 4,6 in 8" of fresh powder.
  2. For that much money you could do this
  3. knuklehead

    XR650r 100wattx2

    Have a xr650r with big stator, can you run heated gear off AC power or does it have to run thru DC
  4. knuklehead

    California Rode thru Clear Creek

    Rode thru with tears in my eye's.
  5. knuklehead

    How many XR's have you owned?

    I've owned 4 two 88 xr250r's 94 xr650l 01 xr650r and if it counts my first bike a 72 sl70
  6. PA biker over on ADVrider makes a beefy relocation bracket.
  7. I say get one, I pick mine up and I'm smaller than you.
  8. knuklehead

    Show your PIG

    my old friend
  9. knuklehead

    Bay area KTM Dealers

    Got a 950SE from moore and sons back in may,beat every body else I called by 3 grand.Nice guys,great service.
  10. knuklehead

    Bay Area Riding?

    Ride east on watsonville rd, rt on redwood retreat rd, lt Mt. madonna rd, rt pole line/summit rd, lt omsby cutoff rd, at bottom straight on to buzzard lagoon rd, lt on rider rd, lt on eureka canyon rd, at top rt on omsby trail rd and back track to M.H.
  11. knuklehead

    health / fittness

    Did that forum get the punt?
  12. knuklehead

    Bike radio am/fm?

    So I've got a weather proof radio for my comuter bike. It has a head phone jack and speak wire leads. My ? is will it hurt the radio if there's no speakers hooked up and I just use the head phone jack only.