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  1. sscbarber

    Anaheim Supercross - SPOILER

    I can imagine how he could be thinking of other things in midair
  2. sscbarber

    Leaking antifreeze!

    for the guy that said the bike dident need 2 radiators, i think it does. ill get on my bike and ride for like 20 min max and ill stop for a drink and the 150 wont start without the hotstart.
  3. sscbarber

    3 ride CRF wont start?

    check for a spark check for fuel / clean out carb / change fuel check valves / cam He can not give you the bike - he does not own it. friends and money can be a bad thing
  4. sscbarber

    pipe super hot. bike idles rough

    did you change anything? water pump bad? jets plugged? air filter plugged?
  5. sscbarber

    crf 250R06 drag

    practice some starts to get a feel for traction and where to have your weight
  6. sscbarber

    CRF250x. Does it suck.

    You are in California - Need a green sticker? get the 250X Do not need a green sticker? get the 250R Need or WANT electric start? get the 250X X is heavier and less horsepower than the R BUT it has e-start and green sticker - That did it for me
  7. sscbarber

    In need for a new throttle tube?

    Wow, check the pictures - it is a ball bearing system for 36$!! http://www.wirtz.net/product.php?producto_id=88
  8. sscbarber

    In need for a new throttle tube?

    http://www.protaper.com/twisterthrottletube.html bikebandit has it at 72$ try http://shop.thumpertalk.com/
  9. sscbarber

    My riding season is officially over this year.

    hey ndekens - There are tons of guys all busted up riding moto - I have 2 dislocated - each side, broken wrist, broken arm and calcaneous (heel) was in 13 pices - I still ride - Dislocated shoulder is bad for 2 to 3 months - then good to go.
  10. sscbarber

    290 vertex big bore ??

    Checked http://www.vrp-mx.com and found a 290cc big bore kit - 639$ Vertex Big Bore any info on this kit? bang for buck looks great!
  11. you should learn the balance point of almost straight up between forwards and backwards - second gear in a soft grass field. foot on the back brake. My buddy can get on ANY bike - ANY freakin bike and take it 100 yards up the road. Ride back in 1st,2nd,3rd,4th continuous wheelie. Seen him do it a dozen times, dirt bike, street bike, 50cc, 1000cc you name it. It is quite a show.
  12. sscbarber

    Kickstarter hard to depress

    My symptons were: I changed cam and moved the decompression device to new cam. I went to start it and could totally stand and jump(185lbs) on the kick starter and it would not budge. Opened head cover, took decompressor all apart and put it back together and wrapped spring a little tighter. I can start it now. You could try kicking it with spark plug out
  13. sscbarber

    Kickstarter hard to depress

    mine needed another wrap on the spring - i had reinstalled it with too little tension
  14. sscbarber

    Kickstarter hard to depress

    Your compression release device on side of cam is not working correctly.
  15. sscbarber

    crf250x stock(out-of-the-box) mods

    try here http://www.rickramsey.net/CRF250Xmymods.htm