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  1. Email directly at sspeedworks@gmail.com otherwise I only see pm's if I log onn here. When I was in business with epic I was in business with epic. There was no me directly. I communicated alot with customers directly. I am now a separate business.
  2. I haven't been on TT in a few weeks. im responding to any pm's as I can. my phone works just fine. its the crappy cell service in my new location and I have not set up proper internet or landline phone yet. simply a matter of not enough time in the day. im once again a 1 man show. that's good but also bad sometimes. im doing my best to straighten out the situations I agreed to help with.
  3. Email is best right now with my phone issues. Please resend any email I have not replied to.
  4. Please do send me a email. I must have missed the other. Sorry about the phone issues. Im using a spare cell phone at the moment as a business phone and my shop is in a scrappy coverage area. Just my luck. I will have a land line soon.
  5. I agreed to help everyone with a pending order as best i can.
  6. I answered your pm. Sorry for the delay in response.
  7. once i get settled then i will start offering them again. mean while the TT store and direct from you will keep the flow running!
  8. i will be directing the mrd/ssw pipe purchase to dave directly. this is the quickest possible way for the customer to get the pipes. there is no reason for me to be the middle man. dave deserves every penney of profit thats in a pipe that has no equal and already a smoking deal!
  9. anyone with a pending pipe order or any order for that matter should email me directly at SSpeedWorks@gmail.com so i can do my best to get it sorted out.
  10. Im hitting the rewind button and taking my business back pre merger. My website is basic and i prefer that. I prefer a one on one approach.
  11. No idea who you are. Email with your info.
  12. Luked is getting 00 rm forks. Mad dogg is getting SM forks. Escourbitis is getting E forks. All 3 will get sorted out. These are just some of the deals that led to where im at now. Im committed to getting it sorted out one way or the other. Im personally handling all transactions now.
  13. would take something really huge to take me away from the denver area. very unlikely, ive had many offers where they were sure i was gonna jump at it.
  14. The rumors are true. SSW is once again a stand alone business. Out of respect for TT please email me directly at SSpeedWorks@gmail.com with any questions,inquiry or concern. If you have a pending paid order with epic i will do my best to make sure they are fullfilled. I hold no ill will toward kevin and wish him the best. We are still friends and will remain so. We are still running our pro motocross program as a joint effort but the businesses are now seperate. Thank you for the continued support. Eddie
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