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    Head questions.......WMR???

    I've been having the same types of problems with mine. I have a KXF and a RMZ 05's. This will be my 3rd head on my KXF. I would spend the money and do it right. If you mess up those cam caps you have to buy a new head for 500 bucks every time. This time I took mine back to the dealer and had them to fix it. It's the first time I have ever took a bike and had it worked on by someone else, but I think it will be better now. I also had the mechanic research for more durable parts. I going with black diamond valves, springs, and retainers this time. Good luck.
  2. eny7

    KX250F Jumping time!

    Guys, has anyone had trouble with their RMZ or KXF jumping time. My bike broke a cam cap and I had to replace the head and the intake cam (it didn't come apart I luckly caught it before any parts came loose and stuck a valve, you can't buy the cam caps seperate from the head!!!). I got it back together and it ran fine for a few days. Later, on another ride I noticed it had sort of gotten flat on power. It ran and sounded ok, but you could tell it just didn't have the snap anymore. I started trouble shooting and found that it had jumped time. Both cams were one tooth out, or turned one tooth counter clock wise. I thought this was my mistake when I put the bike back together. So, I set it back right and rode it a few times and raced it once. It ran great I thought it was fixed. Then this weekend I got on it and it felt flat again. I took off the valve cover and found that it had jumped time again. Does anyone have any input about this problem, or has anyone had any similar experiences that may help me get this bike fixed. Thanks, ENY7