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  1. Foxtrot Oscar
  2. In a thread over at Town Square, the guys have been describing women using vehicles as a metaphor so I thought it might be fun if you had a little payback by describing men in banking terms like... insufficient funds, overdrawn, closed because of account inactivity, doesn't earn interest, credit limit exceeded, penalty for early withdrawl, etc. Just a suggestion...
  3. I live in the mountains and constantly hear the high pitched "formula 1" sound of the sport bikes racing on the winding roads as well as the low rumble of the cruisers... ... it's ALL beautiful music to my ears.
  4. A pic of me I bought from a professional photographer who takes pictures of everyone riding the Snake north of the Rock Store...
  5. My '96 2.4LTacoma gets 22/25mpg, but it has no wasteful power equipment, and a thrifty 5 speed manual transmission. The crankcase on the DOHC 16V 4 banger engine holds 6 quarts of oil and has an internal timing chain, so no rubber timing belts need changing. I only own Toyotas. They're the best little trucks made.
  6. Most important mod just has to be lowering my SM so my stumpy legs can touch the ground... Greg
  7. Hi matty, You sound like me when I first got my new SM in 07... If you want your SM to corner more like a sportbike, you might consider lowering it. That's what I did to my SM and it handles super with the lower center of gravity and lower rider position on the bars... I pulled up the front forks dropping the front 1 1/2 inches and installed the clipons onto where the fork tubes stuck up above the tree... ...and lowered the rear 1 1/2 inches with Kouba #2 lowering links and relaxing the lockring on the rear spring. As to the fenders, you can bob the rear and install a small LED taillight and blinker kit... Greg
  8. 27,300+ miles, or 44,000+ km, on my 07 SM... and never touched the inside of the engine. It runs better than when it was brand new. Greg
  9. Hi smokey, Exceptionally good photography! It's neat how no matter where we are, we can all experience the same joy of riding. Greg
  10. Hi oc, You do want to take the canister off, because if you ever fall off and the bike tips over, the canister fills up with gas and you won't be able to start it up again. Don't ask me how I know... I'm sorry, I took mine off so long ago, I forgot exactly what I did. But I believe that one line is a vent that goes from the gas tank to the cannister. Leave that one open so that you don't get any pressure in your tank when it heats up. The one from the canister to the carb you can cap that one off at the carb. Then just take everything else off. Hope that helps... You're gonna love your DRZ. They are very reliable bikes. Greg
  11. I used actual real world gas mileage results as my guide, and have been totally pleased with the results. Greg
  12. Well, there's also another difference... I'm old... and ride like an old man.
  13. It's street or dirt that accounts for the difference in physical condition after the ride. I only ride smooth twisty canyon asphalt, so I have it pretty easy. Greg
  14. I'd call that feeling happitude... ...a combination of happiness and gratitude. The feeling of riding now is exactly the same feeling as the first time I rode my first bike home from the Yamaha dealer 46 years ago. Greg
  15. With no other changes, going from an E pipe to an FMF PowerBomb added 1/2 mpg to my cumulative mileage averages... ...which, as you all know, makes me a happy camper. Since both the E and the FMF are 41mm in diameter, I believe the added chamber lowered the torque curve enough to account for the consistent increase in gas mileage. Greg