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  1. jimXR650L

    Shitty situation

    Really?? We all know someone we don't like. But does that mean they deserve to be arrested - in front of neighbors, no less - charged, booked and imprisoned? Because it's a motor vehicle, that's grand theft auto, which equals jail time - and some very expensive lawyer fees. Then they'd most likely lose their job and subsequently their house or apartment, and even a vehicle they do own to help pay for it all. Think about it. Would you want that done to you?? Think about that. I sure hope you were joking when you posted this, although there's nothing to indicate it, so I highly doubt it, [since you don't even know what proper grammar and punctuation are, for that matter.] Otherwise you're the one who deserves for this to happen to you, if this is how you think - or lack thereof. Ever heard of 'what goes around, comes around'? I know a few guys who can have a 'scratched-off vehicle' on your front lawn before dawn. What's your address??
  2. jimXR650L

    weight loss for a rider with issues...

    ...1 simple hostess pie that fits in the palm of your hand has almost 500 calories, i can swallow it in 2 bites. this could take you an hour of exercise in the gym with moderate activity to burn it off!... Damac makes some really good points here. 1 pound of weight = 3500 calories. 1 slice of pizza can be 500-700 calories. As he said, you could wolf down 500 calories in just a bite or two - and take all of 10-20 seconds and then it could take almost an hour to work it off - even more, if your knees are compromised. Muscles burn fat. The biggest muscles are in your legs. So you'll have to work even harder at exercise & weight loss then, if you can't work your legs too much. You may want to look into what folks who are confined to wheel chairs do to exercise & keep fit, since the leg exercises are out for them as well. Now there's good calories and bad calories. Also, If you're eating chicken & fish every day, [as your original post indicated], or even almost every day, I may be wrong, but I remember reading somewhere that sure they are both good sources of necessary protein...BUT...too much and/or too often, and what ever protein your body doesn't or can't absorb, which is only so much at a time, the rest just goes to fat - body fat! I'm no nutritionist, but if it turns out that I'm right, you might want to check out the daily recommended amount and cut your portions down. A good ball park is like 6 oz. which would be about half a chicken breast. Aprox. the size of your palm. You'll also save some money that way, [if that matters to you].
  3. jimXR650L

    Hooking up to a trailer

    Right - I'll have to do that from now on. For now they're on gravel.
  4. jimXR650L

    Tires, Dirt Aggressive and DOT Certified

    Well my TR8 just showed up today from Motorcycle Superstore. Looks pretty cool.
  5. jimXR650L

    Tires, Dirt Aggressive and DOT Certified

    ...so maybe the TR8 might work for you on the big "L" 650 bike... Yup - I think so too. Would have probably gone for the X30 if it was Dot, but I think the TR8 is the right way to go here. I was leaning towards the Shinko 244 a few weeks ago, but the TR8 looks just a tinge better for my needs.
  6. jimXR650L

    Does The Fire Die Down With Age?

    I meant to put 'Lol' after it. It was meant as a joke, in case anyone doesn't realize it.
  7. jimXR650L

    Does The Fire Die Down With Age?

    Inside every old man is a young man wondering, "What the hell happened??"
  8. New Mexico? This may be hard to believe, but I live in Canada just an hour east of Vancouver, B.C.and we didn't even get a snowfall with that much snow this whole winter. Ouch! That hurts Bud! Nothing ruins a ride like crappy weather.
  9. jimXR650L

    Hooking up to a trailer

    If you've got a standard transmission, and are most likely on level ground, here's what I do: I do as mentioned above including getting out a few times after lining it up as close as possible and also learning the truck/trailer through the rear view mirror. Then when I'm really close [even after the slow 'bump' mentioned above], I get out after putting the truck in neutral, and if lined up right, just grab the tail gate & push or pull the truck a few inches with one hand until the ball's under the trailer tongue.
  10. jimXR650L

    Hooking up to a trailer

    Hahaha! Shhh! She might hear you and offer to help some more.
  11. jimXR650L

    Tires, Dirt Aggressive and DOT Certified

    Makes sense about the DOT thing. Also makes sense that they don't give shit & a half about us. It's clear where I live that the cops couldn't care less about motorcyclists.
  12. jimXR650L

    Tires, Dirt Aggressive and DOT Certified

    Very interesting there HM. I see you've included one for Kenda, which is my new back tire, now waiting to be installed. I suppose each manufacturer will have these, but I'm guessing that it's not quite so easy finding them.
  13. jimXR650L

    Tires, Dirt Aggressive and DOT Certified

    Right - a good point about the DOT designation. Also, where I live, I found out that even if I'm in a crash of my own doing, with no one else involved whether it be person, vehicle or property, I'm still covered and possibly even entitled to damages, rehabilitation and lost wages, so the DOT thing is something they'd most likely look for right away.
  14. jimXR650L

    Tires, Dirt Aggressive and DOT Certified

    Well...I've just finished reading this whole 31 page post! Took a few long nights. Had to sometimes rewind the TV shows on the PVR a bit when I realized that I'd just missed some cutie or hottey while reading here. So after checking out many links, pages, tires & reading countless reviews I'm down to basically 2 choices. My question is about any real differences between the IRC TR8 and the Bridgestone X30. The treads on the X30 seems a bit more aggressive. The price of the TR8 is less. I'm hoping that both 'Positron0007' and 'gnath9' will chime in. I see above that both have tried the TR8's. Seems that the TR8's are DOT approved whereas the X30's are not. Otherwise, would that be the only reason you guys would choose one over the other? How about wear on the pavement? This is for my 2001 xr650L - front tire only.
  15. jimXR650L

    XR650L Exhaust (Just to loss the weight)

    I didn't cut the air box. Just removed the snorkel. And of course the California smog 'spider' junk. I did change the stock filter to a uni when I did Dave's mods though. But when I bought my FMF Power Core there was no mention of suggested jets with it.