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  1. SuperiorCourt

    off road 2 strokes

    Don't worry, you'll get a clue before long when the 250 starts eating cash and valves like crazy... Not IF, but WHEN...
  2. SuperiorCourt

    price range for 2004,2005 CRF250X ?

    You can either buy one like mine, with a completely rebuilt engine, or buy one without and throw a bunch of money at it. Your choice, but be prepared for some big bills. For the same money, you can also buy a new 250X
  3. SuperiorCourt

    KDX 200 no more?

  4. SuperiorCourt

    CRF250X PLEASED or REGRET your purchase

    In response to the original point; our '04 250X is currently in the shop getting a $2000 engine job... We trail ride, no racing, no super high revs. Maintain it properly. While it's a good high performance bike, I think it is far too maintenance intensive. We bought our six bikes to ride, not do top ends every 50 hours. We will be selling ours, after throwing $2000 into it, and buying another Kawasaki KDX220 or 200.
  5. SuperiorCourt

    what to look for in purchase?

    When my 250X returns home with it's new top end, it too will be up for sale. I thought it would be an upgrade from my trusty Kawasaki KDX220, but it's no better to ride, and FAR more maintenance required. One poster mentioned heavy wrenching after every ride? We're talking Honda trail bikes here? Doesn't make sense when there's a proven truly bulletproof bike waiting in my garage...
  6. SuperiorCourt

    girlfriend ?????

    We've got a 100, 150, 230 & 250X. Unless she's an experienced rider, I would buy a 230. The 250X sits VERY high. The 230 has enough power for a long time, and you can then hop it up quite easily. On the other hand, fun riding isn't necessarily about going really fast. My favorite bike by far, is our Kawasaki KDX220. Just a fun, great handling simple machine. Also, the 250X's are pretty high maintenance. Figure on a new top end about every 50 hours of use. Unless her or your ego needs it, I would stick with a 230F.
  7. SuperiorCourt

    hows the 04

    Mine: well maintained, not raced, not thrashed, ridden fast but not hard. Warmed up and cooled down. Valves gone, expensive to fix. The 250X seems to need an extraordinary amount of maintenance, compared to my four other bikes...
  8. SuperiorCourt

    Real-world piston life expectancy?

    You know, I'm pretty surprised at the fragile motors these bikes have. Replace the valves, piston, and rings within 50 hours? Most of our friends have KTM's, and they are amazed that the CRF250's are so short lived. Guys here seem to think nothing of rebuilding the engine at 15-50 hours. I think that's really poor engineering. Especially for an off road, not race bike.
  9. SuperiorCourt

    250X died, won't start...

    OK. Valves are shot. Now, suggestions on the longest lasting fix? I REALLY don't want to replace them every few hours of riding. Is there a more permanent solution, for non-race trail riding? Not going to do it myself, so would appreciate shop references in SoCal, San Diego region. Ed
  10. SuperiorCourt

    230 vs. 250

    We've got both a 230 & a 250X. Completely different bikes, not at all comparable. The 230 is a low performance beginner bike. 250 is a high performance advanced bike. The 250 is NOT 30 pounds lighter than a 230. It's NOT a twincam (dohc) design. It IS significantly bigger, faster, better suspended, and MUCH more maintainence intensive. Starting out on bikes, a 250 would be a handful for quite a while.
  11. SuperiorCourt

    250X died, won't start...

    Really? All five of our other bikes run fine for many miles without needing extensive / expensive repairs. We buy them to ride, not spend time in the shop. Judging from what I'm reading, these CRF250's are indeed quite fragile mechanically.
  12. SuperiorCourt

    250X died, won't start...

    Well, guess I'll go check valves... Really didn't want to throw several hundred dollars in this bike that I've ridden a handful of times. Our past Hondas were always bulletproof. Looks like the CRF 250's are pretty fragile for casual trail use. It was a neat bike when it ran!
  13. SuperiorCourt

    250X died, won't start...

    OK, recently bought a very nice 2004 250X. Prior owner checked valves, all OK. I've put around 10 hours on it, play bike stuff. No racing, no real high rpm. Was running perfectly. Last time out, it stalled while riding, like it was running out og fuel. Switched to reserve, and made it back to camp. Almost. It died about 100 yards out. No start. Zip. Came home, checked fuel flow; good. Pulled the plug, and it shows intermittant, very weak spark. New plug, no change. Tested the coil, and it's within spec. Kill switch disconnected, and no change. So, now what? I'm NOT a mechanic, but I'm loathe to take it to the dealer, as they always seem to "find" more things wrong. $$$ Ideas? Ed
  14. SuperiorCourt

    How many "adult" 150/230 owners?

    We've got a CRF 100, 150, 230, & 250X. I like them all. But then I'm 48 and have only ridden since I was 11. What do I know... Bigger & faster isn't always better, sometimes it's just more macho. Like non-racers who add a loud pipe to their bikes, it's really not making them any faster, just louder.
  15. SuperiorCourt

    2004 250x for $4000. Do I bite?

    The CRF250X is a great bike. They do not ALL need new valves, contrary to opinion. We also have a CRF230, 150, & 100. All fun bikes, with different uses. The CRF230 can easily be modified to be a really neat trail bike. I think a 2004 250X is worth $3200-3600. Recently bought our '04 250X for $3600. Perfect condition, as in not a scratch on it. Perfect. As new.