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  1. If anyone is interested I will sell the three I made the other Day. They have the Dry break hole on top and hold 15 litres Hey they're not perfect but still nice Huskygoat Darwin Australia
  2. Just a update on the Huskys 209 Jehi Willis DNF at the 160 mark and 299 Billy Nelson DNF at 175 both with electrical problems. Looking at the split times we really competitive up to then. Huskygoat will try and locate the problem when the bike gets tomorrow
  3. The tank is 14.5 litres Our fuel stops are 70-75 kms we reckon he will use 11 litres good to have a little spare. Huskygoat
  4. No we don't change much at all. I was desperate for a IMS but not ready yet. I now understand why they are taking so long. The fuel pump is in a bad position to get extra litres down low hence that is why so much on top. It will feel a little top heavy when full. Stock just about everything else. this engine is one hell of a machine with efi . This bike is supplied by The Paul Feeny Group Australia for my apprentice (sheetmetal workers) for the race. we just strip it . we have new wheels and dampner to go on yet. I have been riding Huskys since 94 and this is our best bike ever:worthy: KTM have put up $45 000 for any of their riders for the win. Never Happen:p Huskygoat
  5. This be Mrs Huskygoat here Huskygoat has just finished making this long range tank with IMS dry break for the Husqvarna 510 that his apprentice is riding this weekend in the Finke Desert race. (most people have spoilt kids - we have a spoilt apprentice). We have been unable to source an after market tank so far. I am proud of what goat does and thought you guys might appreciate some pics.
  6. Huskygoat

    IMS tanks for 08

    Guys does any body know people at Halls. I have been emailing these guys for a little while with no response about the IMS tanks . I am building 5 Dry break tanks 08s for the finke out of 2mm ali and I tell you its a mission. The IMS tanks will be a better fit than what I am making . reason I'm making them is we need 11-12 litres to the first stop and dry breaks for quick filling. Any help on this would be great . Thanks in advance Huskygoat
  7. Huskygoat

    IMS tanks for 08

    Any News on tanks for 08 s Thanks huskygoat
  8. Huskygoat

    Rear mount fuel tank?

    Try searching Nomad tanks hes in Vic some where does a nice rear fender tank Huskygoat:thumbsup:
  9. Huskygoat

    IMS tanks for 08

    Just thinking of trading my tc 510 06 on a txc 510 which is on the dealer floor how long before IMS would have tanks for them ? Thanks in advance Huskygoat
  10. Huskygoat

    Rekluse KTM LBRB Kit on a Husky

    IN the ADB theres one not sure how it works big pic
  11. Huskygoat


    As we speak all the TXC s are being wheeled in the back of my truck so there :ride: :lol:
  12. Huskygoat


    The boat with all the American huskys has arrived in Sydney :ride: 2 for 1 deals
  13. Huskygoat

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    35 years old 92 610 94 610 98 610 06 610 06 510TC
  14. Huskygoat

    Who wants to do Australian Sarfari?

    Hey Mike I will call Paul Feeny tomorrow ( hard man to catch) to see we can get some factory backing. about $3500 au to enter. If you guys come on board we will limit the amount of team spots and race trailer will probally turn into a truck (semi) A low budget race will still cost $10 000 - 14 000 au . Honda are offering to Jason Hill (sponsored rider) to pay half of $50 000 for him to ride and he would be considered a top 5 finisher.
  15. A couple of us in Darwin want to ride the Australia Sarfari on our Husky's . And is there anyone that wants to join us on your husky to make a large team effort it would be great. Would like to meet other husky people doing it so we can compare notes.