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  1. What's the deal with removing the carby on a 03 wr450? Looking at checking the valve clearances for the first time. The owners manual states that the carby should be removed first before you remove the cylinder head cover but after studying the bike itself I really can't see the carby being in the way. Is there something I am missing? What does everyone else do? I would really like to be prepared before I attempt this for the first time. Also are there any Aussies who could recommend a shim kit available in Melbourne or should I just ask at the Yamaha shop?
  2. Have heard about the starter upgrade before. There does'nt seem to be any sign of problems so far, something to look foward too I guess Can anyone tell me the main differences between the u.s & oz version.
  3. Thanks for the info 'bg10459' I will have a good look around and research all the mods you mentioned.
  4. .I just got a preloved wr450 2003. The thing is stock standard hasn't had a thing done except normal servicing. Only 700 km on the clock. I was checking out "thumperfaqs" website, there is some great info there as well as this site but the site is focused on 250 engines not 450's. Can all the mods for the 250 be done on a 450 as well ? Any other advice and recommendations to make my bike perform better and be more reliable would be highly appreciated also. By the way this site is awesome, never found as much valuable info in one place. Cheers