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  1. I havnt changed tires before so I thought I would give it a go today, the front tire kicked my butt but I got it done, the rear tire just wont budge any advise would be great.
  2. thanks for all the good info, some good setup ideas are appreciated
  3. Ride It Like You Stole It, No Not Really, Ride It Good For About 15 20 Minutes, Then Change Oil And Filter, Then Ride It And Have A Killer Good Time.
  4. Yes That Is What I Was Asking
  5. I Own A 06 Kawasaki 250f And I Was Wondering If The Engine Would Hold Up To Long Distant Desert Riding Mostly Wide Open Throttle. The Bike Is Stock. Any Good Advice On This Would Be Nice, Thank You
  6. noot

    '06 engine locked up

    I dont know what the deal is but I do know that I tink that you are right. I still think that I am going to buy the kawi.
  7. noot

    '06 engine locked up

    I am from Boise Idaho and I have been looking at the 06 kxf, I talked to the dealer here and he said that the valves broke on 3 of the bikes that they sold, he also said that kawi has sold more than 5,000 bikes and that they only now of 7 bikes that have gone down from the same problem. I am still skeptical about buying one but I still think it would be a great bike, maybee I'll need to go to utah or montana to buy a bike. Its probably an idaho thing.
  8. noot

    Kx250f Trail Bike?

    I am a fairly new member and I was wondering if you guys could give me some insight intowich would help me decide if the 250 thumper would be a good trail bike. Pros and cons ect. HELP PLEASE
  9. great vid so far you guys are doing a good job.looks like the guy on the wheeler hurt is ass pretty good.
  10. Rush I checked out your pictues and think that looks like a killer ride were exactly is it.
  11. You need a bigger bike,tell your dad to fork out some more cash.
  12. noot

    What am I doing wrong?

    when in doubt gas it.Its saved my ass a time or three
  13. noot

    Robbie Knievel

    met hthe guy ang i would agree with you