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  1. Im looking at buying a bikesafe/bike shed and was wondering if they are secure enough. Have any of you got one and every had any probs with someone breaking into it? these are the ones ive been looking at..... http://www.airflow-group.com/bikesafe-250-i615.html http://www.secure-a-bike.com/prijslijst.html http://www.trimetals.co.uk/motorcycle-storage.php?m=3&g=8 Anyone suggest any other i could look at? Ta
  2. Im after a 4 stroke thumper for the occasional weekend jaunt over the moors and a 10 mile commute to work. Which bikes would you suggest i consider? Ive read that a few bikes need the top end rebiulding every 20 hours of use. How much does this cost on average ? I thought about a ktm 450exc or 525exc as these are ready for the road straight from the shop. How reliable are crf's and wrfs? Ps i have plenty of 2 stroke motox experiance cheers
  3. Hi, Ive seen a crf250 for sale that is a rolling chassi for sale on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4558071196&sspagename=ADME%3AL%3ARTQ%3AUK%3A1&rd=1 How much do you reckon it would cost to get this bike completed? its says it needs 'Engine,Carb,Header Pipe,Front Brake Caliper, Rear Brake Master Cylinder and Electrics' any other engines that would go straight in?? cheers
  4. Hi, Im a newbie getting back into offroad/motox as a weekend hobby. The last bike i had was a CR250 back in 2000, but unfortunatley some *ankers decided to steal it from me one night when i forgot to leave my car infront of the garage..... Anyway, i am thinking of buying either a wrf450 / crf450 in the very near future but before i do i need to sort out some theft/fire insurance for my future off road bike. Ive tried my house insurance to see if i could add an offroad bike to the policy but they wont do it. Ive trawled the internet for ages and have come to a blank. Ive heard you can get insurance if you race motox bikes but its only a weekend hobby for me so thats no good Can any of you guys give me some contact numbers/web sites/ company names of insurance companys that will insure off road bikes for theft. Cheers