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  1. I just bought a used yz450f and noticed some oil on the right hand side of the radiator and it appears to be coming out of the compression release hole in the cylinder head, looks like there should be a plug or the like in the hole....... I am hoping someone can verify. If this is indeed the case is this a common abnomaly? and what you may have used to replug the hole on short notice. Thanks
  2. alaskayz426f

    2002 drz125 rear spring height

    You are correct it is a 2003.............
  3. alaskayz426f

    2002 drz125 rear spring height

    Does anyone know what the stock installed spring height for the rear shock on a 2002 drz125 is. I bought the bike used for my 12 year old son and the previous owner has the rear spring adjusters tightened as far as they will go. Thanks