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  1. update ::have raced last weekend 3 hour hare scramble:ride: a few offs!! clutch in hit the starter still in gear ......no drag at all:banana: thanks for all the input btw oil used was Motul 5100 fully synthetic
  2. thanks for the input , it could be the oil as i have normally run on silkolene semi syntetic but put silkolene mineral in this time so full oil change and back to semi synthetic next race is in one week so will see how things go
  3. yes checked the basket no grooves, all looking good!!
  4. anyone??
  5. raced in a hare scramble last week about 2 hours in got stuck on a steep hill pulled cluch in, hit the e/start with the bike still i gear and bike would not start as the starter was turning the engine due to the clutch not disengaging properly, found neutral hit the starter fired up first time and off i went 1/2 hour later same hill same situation same clutch issue BTW race was a dead engine start and started the bike in gear no problem. I have recently fitted some new friction plates that i soaked overnight in oil. Has anyone else had this issue? another thing i could do with some help on is how do i adjust the cluch on the engine side? Bike is a 2004 wr250f
  6. here goes in August i am entered in the dawntodusk 12 hour enduro in the uk, i am doing it as a solo rider , i have done it before with a finish but really suffered after in the latter stages. Any one who has trained and competed in a similar event and can pass on some info on their training, or any one who has any trainig programms for this type of event i would very much like to hear what others have too say on the sort of training i should be doing i will be competing in a few 3 hour hare scrambles in the months before and getting out on my bike trail riding as much as possible at weekends
  7. my bike is 2000 the S shock is 2003
  8. in the process of getting a drz back on the road, the original rear shock is worn out ,I have seen a rear shock on ebay but it is off the 400 S model, are they the same or is the E shock a more robust unit (spring ,internals ect) any info would be great
  9. hello all ,one down in plymouth,devon top site in my opinion