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    jetting 2004 DRZ 400S w/ 3x3 hole

    Here's what I have done with my Dj kit and the 3x3 mod. 137.5 main , 25 or 22.5 pilot. I have run a 136 pilot and the bike ran fine but was just a little lean when you cracked the throttle from a dead stop. I ran the stock 142.5 main and a 27 pilot but it was too rich, lousy fuel mileage. So where I live at sea level, 4th clip from the top, 137.5 main, 22.5 pilot give good power and still retain reasonable mileage.
  2. bcdrz

    Drz400S poor mileage.

    My Drz 400S is getting very poor mileage,about half of what it should get(less than 55 miles per tank,street use). I pulled off the carb and the previous owner has put in a 27.5 pilot but retained the stock 142.5 Main and opened up the airbox. What is the setting for the float levels? I am thinking the floats may have been tampered with and may be causing the fuel consumption.Any other ideas for the poor mileage? I have a DJ kit ordered and am looking for the 140 mains and 25 pilots for the Burnd's modification.