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  1. diemilkdud

    Big Muskie National Enduro video preview

    That's one of the best helmet cams videos I've seen what are you using? Good riding as well:thumbsup:
  2. diemilkdud

    MX on FUEL TV...?

    I guess the question everyone should be asking is- "is slicknic goinna grab it?"
  3. diemilkdud

    If you think Ralph Sheheen sucks.......

    I totally agree, I haven't watched Canadian motox is a while , are they still commentating?
  4. Jerseys pants ect. no big deal but I would be a little hesitant to use a helmet that I wasn't sure was a 100% . It would be like buying a rope from the 2nds bin for rock climbing.
  5. diemilkdud

    I need X-Ray vision...

    Ya it's dumb as sh%*. There was a company making clear clutch covers for the suzuki but they discontinued them, guess it wasn't working so great. I have heard of guys that have put sight glasses in their covers so you might get brave and try that. http://www.mcmaster.com/#liquid-level-sights/=a3wzc9 If you do , post some pics
  6. diemilkdud

    What to clean air cleaner foam with?

    Take "mihaljcollege's" advise ,But don't buy the cleaner. Just go to sams or costco and buy a 5 pound box of oxyclean powder ,it's pretty much the same stuff for a fraction of the cost of the no-toil brand. It's about 10 bucks and will last a year or so and no smell.
  7. diemilkdud

    Houston Lites torrent

    check your mail I sent you a pm.
  8. diemilkdud

    Houston Lites torrent

    Thanks for all your hard work Slick. Even though demonoid says it has 0 seeds and 0 peers it downloaded fast.
  9. diemilkdud

    white brothers exaust

    I have the old alum.2 full exhaust on my 05, It seemed to open up the mid and top end noticeably. the low end always hit hard so I didn't notice much there. It's loud as all hell, I think that's why it was discontinued .
  10. diemilkdud

    Monday Conversation: Ryan Villopoto

    I'm tellin ya- it's the pickles!!!
  11. How about trading that old beater for a table, door or bed. Take a look and let me know http://zmd.homestead.com/
  12. diemilkdud

    Weekly Coom Dirt bike ridin VIDEO>>

    Hey where is this at? My buddy lives in West Palm Beach and is looking for a place to ride.Nice video by the way.
  13. diemilkdud

    where can i watch supercross phenix?

    Comcast is showing it on again -1a.m. Monday morning, if you miss that slicknick always comes through. http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5287892/2010_AMA_Supercross_Rd_2_Phoenix.avi
  14. diemilkdud

    What a Craigslist find...

    Am I the only moron that has no idea what this is about? the add has been taken down as well.
  15. diemilkdud

    Nice TV moto guide

    Ran across this schedule looking for race dates . It seems to cover most moto sports. http://www.tvracer.com/ Isle of Man TT is coming up in a few hours.