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  1. tnelson

    Dented pipe

    if that doesnt work bikebandit.com has stock stuff the price of your pipe would be $187.24.
  2. NONONO don't run it at 32:1 that's even richer. Try 44 or 50. I have a 01 and I run it at 44:1. If that doesn't work then get it jetted right and it should run fine. Good luck.
  3. tnelson

    am i to small?

    Get the 150. I had one and it was the greatest. It has everything you'll need and it is by far the best trail bike for sell.
  4. tnelson

    2 Stroke Exhaust

    gnarly's are only made for 250's i got a fatty with a powercore2 on my 01 and i love em
  5. tnelson

    am i to small?

    have u tried a 85 that might be a good idea too
  6. tnelson

    01 CR 125 help

    I have a 2001 CR125 and my dad says it has nothing compared to the Elsinore he rode as a kid. Any ideas on how to give it some more power.
  7. tnelson

    Northwest Motocross Membership

    Does anyone know where I can get a Northwest Motocross Membership?
  8. tnelson

    Good Two stroke forums

    The FMF SST pipe is an amazing pipe. Why is it amazing? Because in just about every case, it will work WORSE than the stock pipe that came on the bike. The SST uses a restrictive reverse cone and pressure bleed to intensify the return wave and lower the initial flow out the stinger section of the pipe. What that in turn does is increase piston crown temperatures and make jetting difficult at best. Now increased piston crown temperatures can be compensated for to some extent with richer jetting. But, by doing that you are defeating the purpose of the pipe, and negating any power gain you may have gotten from the pipe in the first place. Why are increased piston crown temperatures bad? Well, in some cases they are not. You see most bikes are jetted horribly rich from the factory, and raising the piston crown temps in this case will "fool" the engine into thinking it is jetted leaner than it is. Which will in some cases improve power. But in most cases, it will just cause slightly better throttle response and an increase in the spooge out the back of the pipe. After all that you may be thinking: "well this doesn't sound so bad, why are they saying this pipe is no good?" Good question. Here's the answer. Because of the restrictive nature of the pressure bleed from the pipe, it does not evacuate as efficiently as it needs to. This combined with the piston crown temperature increase yeilds jetting that is too rich. So now you have a pipe that "fools" the engine into thinking it is leaner than it really is, but also makes it much richer than it was previously. Here in lies the second problem. It makes jetting a nightmare. If you jet it by feel, you will be jetting richer, and compounding the too rich condition even more, making the bike run like a slug. If you jet it leaner, you will be increasing piston crown temperatures even more resulting in an engine siezure. Catch-22 anyone? If you are buying a pipe for your bike, get ANY other pipe. Or better yet, keep the stock pipe. If you want more over-rev, go with a Pro-Circuit Works or Platinum pipe. If you want more low end go with an FMF Gnarly, or Pro-Circuit Platinum2. The Boyesen RadValve works wonders on that engine, and is a good investment no matter what other mods you do. IF YOU KNOW HOW TO JET. The VForce is also very good on the late model KX250's, but the RadValve will give you more over-rev. But again, be prepared to rejet the carb. I love it when people ask "why?" My opinion has not changed.
  9. tnelson

    CRF 150 - Need Price

    My 04 was stock and had about 80% left on the rear tire. I sold mine for 2000. Just go buy a new tire and ask 2200 obo that's what I did.
  10. tnelson

    02 vs 01 cr 125

    Im going to tell you the same thing i said on Pinger(01CR125) because I'm bored so don't get mad. Find some cheaper bikes. My 01 was 1900 with a fatty and a SST and stock pipes with the stock scilencer and a powercore2. It also came with a new rear tire and was mint. Unless these bikes are already set up just the way you want it and a lifetime warrenty find some other bikes. I bought mine 3 weeks ago.
  11. tnelson

    Good Two stroke forums

    Pingertalk is a good place to get info but u have to know who each person is or you could be getting crap, however it is a lot less active over there so you'll probably get more responsive. Good luck, Tyler
  12. tnelson

    Possibly sellin 150...

    I sold my 04 for 2000. You could probably get that too because all i had on my bike was new levers and a new rear tire. It was scratched pretty good. Also there was a dent about the size of a baseball in the scilencer. So you should probably ask 2200 and see what you can get it took me about 6 weeks to sell it and i was asking 2200 too. It all depends on how much time you have to wait. Just remember the closer it is to summer the more likely the buyer is to pay more because they keep thinking about riding in the nice weather. Good luck, Tyler
  13. tnelson


    its still a japanize concept so nothins goin bout nothin