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  1. Please do call us if you feel you need a replacement part, we proudly stand by are lifetime warranty. Thanks, Andy Ride Everyday Motorsports 714 637 9643 www.motojackrack.com
  2. 1. What keeps a wing nut that you can't torque down from coming loose? The wing nut idea is nothing new and would be easier and cheaper for us to produce. We did that about 10 years ago and had complaints with wing nuts coming loose and bent foot pegs from over tightening. In the ten years that I have been using and manufacturing the Motojackrack, I have had little or no loosening of our set screw design. In fact, this is the first time I have heard of such an experience. You need to torque them down with the jack tube approximately 20 to 30 ft lbs. 2. We have offered both painted or powder coating finishes. They both scratch about as fast when a dirt bike contacts them. We have tested and seen racks after months of use and can not tell the difference between the two coatings. The benefit of our painting process is that we dip the rack in a production type enamel, much in the same way cars are painted. This covers the entire tubular structure and inhibits internal rusting, unlike powder coating, which only coats the outer surfaces. Thanks, Andy Ride Everyday Motorsports 714 637 9643 www.motojackrack.com
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    OEM RM250 After 1 National

    That is truly a terrible story. Apparently, that was an a competitive product, NOT a Motojackrack. Please pass along to your friend our offer of a free Motojackrack (he can give us a call at 714-637-9643 to discuss details). Again, sorry to hear of your friend's troubles... Andy Williamson Ride Everyday Motorsports