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  1. oh ok. thx where is the allen located? the oil in this side looks fresh.. i think i just changed the oil. but im not sure becuase ive been grounded from riding for a while.
  2. is there supposed to be oil in the ignition side of the motor .... i wouldnt think so?
  3. the bigger the sprocket the less speed so it pretty much depends on what you would rather do...you could either go with a 47 tooth rear to make second gear come into play sooner and get you over the stuff you were discribing because it gives you more speed. or you could go with a 49 tooth sprocket so that you can use 3 gear without it being too low and bogging because it gives u less top speed but more acceleration. kinda confusing but i tried lol good luck and report when you try it out.
  4. i think the black backrounds with white numbers looks better with that graphics kit. just my opinion. nice bike tho!
  5. belfair is my favorite place to ride trails ive only been a few times but its awesome!! cool video also..
  6. just wondering but.. isnt 110 km/h around 70 mph? that doesnt sound that fast for 14/40 i may be wrong but just wondering.
  7. maybe were the head and mid pipe arent tightened and are leaking.
  8. could be spark weak maybe or timing?
  9. if there is low compression it could be valves, head gasket, head not tightened correct, piston rings or cylinder many things that could be the reason for low compression.
  10. dont you have to gear it different for more speed? i would think you would because of such higher speeds and u dont want to be revving it out all the time llike you would in super-moto maybe idk lol
  11. they make a lowboy that goes down to the oil filter/water pump. and yes the 05 will fit on the 06 cuz my friend had an 04 rmz and he put his procircuit exhaust on his 06 kawi.
  12. the renthal 7/8 are awesome bars if u dont want to buy the clamps for the oversized bars. the renthal 7/8 are the best 7/8 bars. i changed the stock bars when i bent them went i cased a double it was pretty funny acually. haha. just my opinion..
  13. do u have the link to it i want to see it
  14. the front sprocket if changed one tooth is like changing the rear 2. i would go 1 smaller in the front i think
  15. haha and blow the head through ur butt? haha