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  1. hmt

    Additional lighting capacity?

    You might want to try --> Here. Ricky Stator gets nothing but rave reviews from what I have seen. If something can be done, they should know. (such as a rewind or something else).
  2. hmt

    DR 650 for 2006?

    I see that Suzuki does not have the 2006 model year listed. DOes this mean it will be discontinued or are there changes and will be released later in the year? Thanks for any insight or news.
  3. hmt

    Polaris and KTM

    Here is the link --> Polaris KTM Partnership
  4. Surprised there isnt a thread on this yet?
  5. Any idea how much US $ the husky will cost???
  6. hmt

    DRZing in Sand Dunes

    Hey Burren_Rider, what type/size of gas tank is that?
  7. Pics, specs and/or cost would be great.
  8. Will the TE 610 be available in the U.S.?
  9. hmt

    My YZ450F with sportbike wheel setup...

    What headlight setup is that?
  10. Hello everyone. New to the board here. I am looking into what will be my first Dual Sport bike in the near future and was hoping for some feedback on the new Husqvarna SM 610. Do you think this would make a good D/S with the addition of the appropriate tires? Anything else to make it trailworthy? I will probably be looking at 75% on road and 25% of road. Husky SM 610