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  1. Supergoon225

    Circleville/NASMOTO Banter???

    I was there too "Mr. Fan" and I understand her selling raffle tickets and winning the bike to be coincidental. FYI "Mr. Fan" Shawano has the event again without her. Maybe if the new girl plays nice she gets a Harley too
  2. Supergoon225

    Circleville/NASMOTO Banter???

    nasmoto sucks! ask anybody who has won an event if they ever got paid? Oh yeah dont buy any raffle tickets either, seems someone from nasmoto MAGICALLY wins
  3. Supergoon225

    Wheel Alignment?

    I have two set of wheels that I did the "old school" string alignment test. One set a 3.50 with a 4.50 was about 7mm offset. The other a 3.50 with a 4.25 was 18mm offset. The bike is '04 CRF 250. What should be done?
  4. Supergoon225


    they're good for building ice tires also!
  5. Supergoon225

    fuel screw no effect

    why are some better than others?
  6. Supergoon225

    fuel screw no effect

    which do you trust?
  7. Supergoon225

    Supermoto Question Help!

    try a 4.50 rear rim. good tire choices and no pain with install or removing wheel
  8. Supergoon225

    bogs coming out of corners

    what is your rad reading out there?
  9. Supergoon225

    Any Ice Racers Out There??

    soften comp like you said. also speed up rebound as cold temps make oil thick and slow flowing! have fun ice riding
  10. Supergoon225

    Leak jet

  11. Supergoon225

    Leak jet

    Hey burned! When would you look at the leak jet as the jet to change. I know this is a very vague question, but what sort of performance problems would make you change it?
  12. Supergoon225

    Supermoto Track Requirements

    Amen Rad!