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  1. Spikemx

    '08 Sxf

    Anyone seen pics of the 2008 models yet? If so please post them, the wife has said yes to me getting one.
  2. Spikemx

    06 Intake valves recall

    I have a US import machine in the UK. Spoke to Yamaha dealer in California today, they have heard of the problem. Please keep us posted with any news. Is it safe to ride this machine?
  3. Happy New Year to all, My '06 YZF250 has been noise tested at over 98Db's at the track. I live in England and the bike is a US spec machine. Every article I have read says the pipe is set at 96Db(this year's noise limit for racing in the UK). Has anyone had their YZF noise tested or is the UK bike set at a different limit to the US bikes? p.s What aftermarket pipes are recommended? Many thanks
  4. IT WORKED!!!! Thanks for the tips all. Checked the fuel screw today, the bike is now sorted. Had a quick ride, what a machine.
  5. Thanks for the tips, I will be trying to sort the problem tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes.
  6. Spikemx

    2006 YZ250F Starting Issues -- Fixed

    Just tried all the techniques and it still won't fire up. Will be stripping the carb this weekend to check and possibly change the Jets. Can you tell me what a zip-ty fuel screw is please?
  7. Spikemx

    2006 YZ250F Starting Issues -- Fixed

    Yes, they are different specs. I'm wondering if I should get it jetted for the UK. It seems strange that the bike is so difficult to start. I'll keep you posted.
  8. I am having major problems getting my YZF to start. It will not start on the choke, and will only fire up with the hotstart lever pulled(even on a cold engine). The bike is running a 178 main, 42 pilot, basically a USA jetting setup. I'm in the UK and getting frustrated. Can anyone help????
  9. Spikemx

    2006 YZ250F Starting Issues -- Fixed

    Hi, Picked up my '06 YZF last week and have the exect same problem, I thought it may have been the outside temp' (55 F Today) but it seems that most of them do it. My bike has jetting for the USA, Do you think this will affect it over here in the UK?
  10. Spikemx

    '06 yzf250 oil/air filter

    Great, Many thanks. Hoping the rain will stop so I can ride this week.
  11. Just picked up my 06 Yam, it is absolutely stunning. Can anyone tell me if the 06 air and oil filters are the same as the 05 model. I have asked Yamaha UK and they couldn't tell me!!!!
  12. Spikemx

    Tips required please

    Hi to all, I've just got my RMZ450 and I'm running it in, any tips would be most welcome, I find the whole cam chain tension thing confusing!!!! Many thanks