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  1. YZ is an 05. Same as the 04.
  2. Mke, I have riden every week (in season)for years at 9000 to 12,000 ft. The JD kit recomends a 170 main and the red needle with clip in the 2nd position, stock air and pilot jets for this altitude. I used this setup for a while and it is great but I also ride over in Utah often and I don't like changing jets all the time. I now run a 175 main, blue needle, clip in the 3rd position, stock on the other jets. There is only a very small performance difference and I don't have to worry about an "overlean" condition. I only have to adjust the zip-ty fuel screw when I change altitude. Your choice. Good luck!
  3. Husky-Vet

    Jetting for a WR250?

    There is a ton of jetting info in the TT forums.....check the following link. http://www.thumperfaq.com/sitemap.htm If your WR is "stock" then the stock jetting is pretty good for your altitude. The WR is not too sensitive to a 2-3 thousand feet change. If you ride at 4000 ft or over very often then you might want to go a little leaner. You really should do the mods and then rejet. All you need to know is in the link above and the many post on the subject. Jetting is somewhat easy if you have had some experience but there are a lot of things that can be screwed up if you are not careful. I would get someone with some experience to help you. Good Luck!
  4. .................and riding without the proper gear is for fools.
  5. Husky-Vet

    Boots for WIDE feet?

    Got the same problem....after 25 years with my old Full Bore boots (fit like a glove) I just got a new pair of Garene S.10's and they fit better than anything else I have tried. I took them for a stroll thru the creek for a while and wore them until they were dry. Fit better now. Garene's are wider than Alpine Stars and all the rest. They are expensive but worth it. Be careful, as their cheaper model, the RX-2 feels narrower. You can also get a bit more room inside by removing the insole completely or replacing it with a thinner one. Try different size insoles. Good luck