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    tire questions

    I run a 110 90 19 Kenda Carlsbad on my 426 and it outlasts my buddys Pirelli Mt 21 His 2 to 1 of mine. I do 70% rocky trails 10% blacktop 10% Track / hard terrain and another 10% Colum dump hill climes The things wear like Iron for cheap and hook up like a mothafka Im not even lookin for another tire .for $40 cant beat it.
  2. Here in NEPA I havnt run across an ignorant non wavin fk in a while, even when I took the state safty course the instructors mentioned the common courtsy and comroddery of all us 2 wheelers no matter what u ride.
  3. jyz426f

    18 inch wheels

    Yeah 2 Excell rims off that guy in Texas thats auctioning off that YZ for Charity. I called him on the phone seemed like a cool guy and the best price I've found so far.......
  4. jyz426f

    18 inch wheels

    Yeah that makes sence, the spoke holes wouldnt line up im just tryin to do it cheap but i do wanto do it Right. The cheapst I found a rim&spoke package was $471 to use my stock hubs, thats probably the rout I'll go. As for used stuff Cant find Anything. Thanks guys for the imput
  5. jyz426f

    18 inch wheels

    I searched the threads and couldnt find anything on the subject so here goes. I have a 2001 xr650l Im gonna motard and for wheels I was going to take the rear rim and lace it to the front hub and buy a wider 4.25 18 inch rim for the rear. There seems to be a good selection of tires out there for 18" wheels. Im trying to do this cheap, just looking for any opinions