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  1. rdslamm

    Stock Hand Guard?

    Very nice cheap fix poundcake. Has one of your bar ends fell out yet?
  2. rdslamm

    DR650 eibach springs

    I was wondering about these springs? Would they suffice for a big fella,315 lbs? Are there any big and tall riders using these, or should I be looking for something else. My riding mix is 50/50.
  3. rdslamm

    How far do you ride to work?

    My commute is 14.2 miles each way. The first 3.2 miles are off road, only crossing a road once. I just got this beast Saturday so I only have three days to work under my belt. I do believe with some searching I can cut off another 5 road miles; I got to talk to few land owners. The only problem is if it wet, business casual starts looking like enduro casual. Boyz this bike is a blast, I actually look forward to going to work.
  4. rdslamm

    very noxious rattle

    Gentlemen I thank you both for your help, and thanks also to whoever started this forum.
  5. rdslamm

    very noxious rattle

    I have just purchased a 2006 DR 650; finally after waving goodbye to the last Easter relative I made my escape and put the first 33 miles on her. It was mostly dirt roads and woods about two miles of asphalt. There is some aggravating rattle near the back of my left leg. At least that is where it seems to be coming from. It happens at lower rpm's and is still present while coasting down bumpy stretches with the clutch in. Has anyone experienced a similar shake rattle or hum? Your help would be appreciated, as it is hard to lean over and look around at 40 mph or so.