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  1. Houchensyz250f

    friction plates

    What should the thickness of my friction plates measure before I really need to change them? Mine average about 0.115 per friction plate.
  2. Houchensyz250f


    I own an 04 yz 250f and i am just curious wt the compression should be?
  3. Houchensyz250f

    HELP !! metal shavings in my oil

    I'm not sure how many times the old owner changed it but I have drained the oil twice already. I will look closer at the clutch basket and see if that is the where the problem is coming from. Thanks A lot for all your help
  4. I just bought a used 04 Z 250f it started feeling like my clutch was slipping so I drained the oil I realized it had a metallic look to and sure enough their is very small metal shaving in it every where. I looked at my clutch system and the friction plates are about half way shot, they measure .115 . I need to Know where the metal shaving most likely are coming from and i dont think it is from the Friction plates. help!!