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  1. chrispy1202

    Milky oil in airbox '08 WR450

    I have an '08 WR450 and after being out riding all day, i noticed oil all over the swing arm and oil dripping out of the airbox. I was in a bunch of water but never drowned the bike or even close to it, just some soupy riding. Why would there be so much blowby coming back to the airbox. The oil level in the bike was way down too. I put the smog removal kit on a few weeks ago and haven't had any problems with it. I cleaned out the oil and pulled the air filter and ran the bike in my shop with the side panel open and more milky oil was spitting out. Anyone else have this problem? I'll clean the filter and take it out for a ride tonight and check it again. Cheers! Chris
  2. chrispy1202

    New guy needs help w/450 wheel

    the bushing is probably rusted all to heck. The play you get is the amount the bushing can slide in there. I just did my bearings and seals, what a bugger. Maybe lay the bike over on its side and spray penetrating oil in there and wait till tomorrow, or an hour. When it comes apart, you will crap at how much rust is on the axle and bushing. Lube axle very well before puting back together. Later you can burn the oil and crap off of the brake pads until they quit smoking. Cheers Chris
  3. chrispy1202

    2004 WR450 won't fire - sat in storage five years

    Once the TPS is set correctly, then you can move on to the jetting. If the jetting is off, your bike will run like a bag of crap. Proper main and pilot jet, along with correct clip position on the needle will get this baby running smooth. Then a bit of final adjusting to the air/fuel mixture screw and you should be set. The jetting may have been wrong for the previous owner, so check to see if it's the right stuff right away. If you can afford to get a JD jet kit i would highly reccomend this. They tell you according to the elevation and temperature where you live, which needle to run and in which slot to position the clip. Done. These bikes are very choked up in stock form, but can put out some great power with only a few fairly cheap mods. I put on a YZ450 exhaust, did the throttle screw, the JD jet kit and an adjustable air/fuel mixture screw for around $300 and it rocks. Cheers Chris.
  4. chrispy1202

    2001 426 cam chain replacement problem

    Ended up that the cam chain had a couple of links dangling under the crank, once I fixed this it all went together nicely. Thanks for the replies. Cheers Chris.
  5. chrispy1202

    WR450 06 Cam chain noise?

    Is it possible that you are just hearing the drive chain?
  6. chrispy1202

    Turn signals, i give up!

    I use a flush mounted set of signal lights on the back and haven't broken one in two years of use. They use two little screws per light and just screw into the rear fender, and they are bright enough that you don't have to worry quite as much about four wheel vehicles not seeing your signal lights. I ran the ones that stuck out to the sides previous, but found that they either busted off, or the soldered connections would come apart. Cheers Chris
  7. chrispy1202

    Lost 4th gear

    I had the dealer use a puller on my '03 flywheel and it was on so tight that it buggered the threads in the puller, as well as flaring the end of the crankshaft. I had to get the machine shop to build me a puller that threaded into the six bolt holes in the flywheel to get it off. I would suggest threading the nut back on before using the puller. Once the pull is threaded on and jacking bolt is tight against the end of the crankshaft(decent pressure), i would suggest taking a hammer and give the end of the bolt a smack. This tends to help freeing up frozen parts. Cheers Chris.
  8. I am in the process of rebuilding my friends 2001 WR426 and have run into a problem. It almost seems like the cam chain is too short to fit over both of the cams. The crank cases were replaced, crank, cylinder, piston, rings, cam chain, and all the bearings. The chain is riding on the geared section of the crank and everything is put together as the book says to do it. The part number on the cam chain bag was double checked and is the correct one. I have both cams out of the head, angled forward to ease getting the chain on, but no luck. One cam will seat back into the head, but the other one is too tight to fit into its slot. I rebuilt my 450 and never had this problem. All the parts were bought through Thumpertalk oem parts, is there any chance Yamaha put the wrong part into the wrong wrapper???? longshot.
  9. chrispy1202

    Hows your 07/08 WR450f holding up?

    My bike is my preferred mode of transport, to work and play. It makes going to work easier to handle. I run a Maxxis IT on the front and rear. I have a Dunlop 606 mounted up on another rear, but only run it on longer backroad trips. I change my oil every 500km max. The tires seem fine on the road, as long as you keep in mind that you're not on a street bike. But, if you get in an accident without DOT tires, i think you are going to get screwed by your insurance company. Chris.
  10. chrispy1202

    Chain eating the subframe!

    A friend of mine cut a 4" piece of UHMW (teflon) into a channel shape for me that slides over the spot that wears. i zap strapped it in place early last year, and after 2000 plus km i still haven't had to slide it up or down. I do a Dual Sport trip each year that puts on 1100 km of backroads in four days. I keep a pretty close eye on the chain tension as well. Cheers Chris.
  11. I have an '03 WR 450 and the biggest difference in power was made by new exhaust and a JD jet kit. I put on exhaust from a yz 450 and it made a big difference. Cheers Chris.
  12. chrispy1202

    03 - 04 crankshaft????

    I ordered a crank through TT and had the wrong one sent to me also. Then i paid the shipping to send it back, as well as more fees to get the right one sent to me. I was supposed to have the extra $47 credited back to me, but it never happend. Not too happy! The flywheel end of the crank is longer, and bigger in diameter on the '03. Hope you have better luck than me!
  13. chrispy1202

    Hard Starting '06 WR450F

    Try two blips of the throttle, choke on, and give her the magic button. May need to adjust the air/fuel screw.
  14. chrispy1202

    2-WD on your WR

    I never rode the bike, but went out riding with him a few different times. He says that it is super stable in the soft loose stuff.
  15. chrispy1202

    Where Did My Clutch Go???

    Could be as the above comment said. If not maybe they gave you the wrong cable. Check the ID tag on the Yamaha sticker and compare it to the Fiche part number.